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Dragon Ball Super Card Game: How To Make The Year in 2022

In 2022 the fans of video games will be getting a lot of exciting and fun stuff. If you like engaging video games, then you are in for a treat. Bandai has planned a lot of new video games and they will be releasing many new games in the coming 2022.

The game developing company will be beginning to preview cards. You can expect to get new updates in the upcoming video game Dragon Ball Super Card Game set and Realm of the Gods. In this post, we will be sharing all the details about what is in store for the Dragon Ball Super Card Game in 2022.

A Themed Booster

DBSCG will be releasing the four main sets per year. The gamers will be able to enjoy the special set or two in 2022. In 2021, the game developing company will battle it out in the Battle Evolution Booster. Many new random sets of cards have already been released this year. The first “Evolution Booster” will be titled the Mythic Booster and will be released at the end of the year as a mixed reprint set.

The sets were Themed Boosters and they were united around a single focus. Tournament of Power was the first, World Martial Arts Tournament was the second, and the Saiyan/Frieza-focused Clash of Fates was the third one. The gamers have been getting new updates related to the game for three years. This feature will be Bandai’s strongest release. We can also expect the new Dragon Ball Super movie coming out, in 2022.

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More traditional reprints

Traditional reprints have been delayed but Bandai has given the latest updates about the video game. The recent sets Rise of the Unison Warrior and Vermillion Bloodline will be coming out with new sets. The Mythic Booster series will be released for the collectors. We have noticed that the DBSCG will continue down this route.

Continue down the path of fan-favorite focuses

The last two sets Saiyan Showdown and Cross Spirits will be focusing on iconic characters. They will be recreating important scenes from the anime but the anime still remains in the direction with DBSCG. The video game will feature the Super Dragon Ball Heroes characters. The players will also be getting the non-canon material. The cool bonus will be taking on the SCR slots in a set.

Pull rate changes

The God Rares will be coming to the hobby. It seems like a way to block completionist collectors in the game. This plan works only if SCRs become a bit easier to obtain, in the SCR rarity slot. If you are excited about the new features of the video game in the year 2022 then you should hope for an exciting version of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game. The video game developers will be launching many new updates in the coming year so brace yourself to face the challenge.

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