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Donald Trump Net Worth, Wife, Daughter, Bio Age, Party

Donald Trump is currently the President of the United States of America. He is the 45th person to grab hold of the President position of USA. Before becoming the President he was the owner of the Trump Organization that led many huge businesses and real estate businesses. Trump was an influential person even before becoming the President but after heading the world’s superpower USA he has become one of the strongest people in the world. He rose to fame after appearing on a TV reality show where different business organizations bided to take over one of his companies.

Early Life

Donald Trump’s parents are German immigrants and were residing in the USA even before his birth. The legend came into the world on 14th June 1946 and is currently 73 years old. He was born and brought up in New York. He was born with a silver spoon since his father had a prominent and successful real estate business. He inherited around $ 413 million from his father during the age of 3-58 years. Donald has a degree in Economics and attended a prestigious school and university in Pennsylvania. After completing his studies he joined his father in the real estate business and later built the might Trump organization.

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Net worth of Donald Trump

Trump’s net worth keeps on increasing with each passing year so the amount keeps changing and is hard to state. In 2012 he declared his net worth to be $ 7 billion. He was also mentioned in Forbes list where his net worth was estimated to be around $ 5 billion for the year 2015. Trump’s total net worth is presumed to be more than 10 billion because the effect of the market also influences his net worth every year. He even inherited $ 40 million from his father even before becoming a President so that also adds up a huge amount to his assets.

Donald Trump Party

Donald entered in the presidential elections in 2016 with a party called Republican Party. He had a win over 16 other primary candidates in the region. His political preferences are claimed to be nationalist, populist and a perfectionist. The Republican Party believes in promoting low taxes and also supports the free marketing of capitalism. The party believes in strong rights for the laborers and has formed conservative economic policies.

Donald Trump Daughter Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump is the daughter of Donald Trump and his first wife who is a socialite and a former model. The couple got divorced when Ivanka was 10. Ivanka Trump’s name is derived from her mother’s name Ivana. She was a famous model during her teenage days and after graduating from college she joined her father’s business. She also was a reality show judge with her brother and father. She is currently a senior advisor in the White House and assists her father in his political career. She also has her own fashion brand.

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Donald Trump’s Wife

Donald Trump is currently married to his third wife Melania Trump. She is a former model and a businesswoman. The couple met at a Fashion party in 1998 and later got engaged in 2004. It is rumored that Melania refused to date Donald when they first met but later fell in love and got married. They have a son together and their child is the 5th child of Donald Trump.

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