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Dollar To PKR, USD To PKR Rates In Pakistan Today “Updated” Open Market Exchange Rates

Dollar To PKR, USD To PKR Rates In Pakistan Today “Updated” Open Market Exchange Rates

USD to PKR Rates Nowadays:


In Pakistan, there are Open Market Forex Rates. Nowadays, the selling rate of USD of Dollar to PKR rupees is 156.70 and the buying rate is 156.2. You can find here the Open market exchange rates it changed day by day.

USD To PKR Open Market Exchange Rates History:

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USD to PKR Rates in Pakistan:

US currency Dollar into PKR Pakistan Rupees– So, the ongoing performance for a whole week of USD into PKR raised to PKR 0.20 to 0.128 % but recently, the highest alteration exchange rate for USD to PKR was as high as 156.7 and the least one PKR was 156.5. The fluctuation on a monthly bases in the recent 30 days is as follows as given for Dollar to PKR. The lower PKR was 156.5 and the higher one was 157 in value. But the buying and selling rate was different. Selling was 156.70 PKR and the buying one was 156.2 PKR

USD of US Dollar into PKR of Pakistan:

As the USD rate of US Dollar is ever considered as much significant. Not only considered to be in Pakistan, but it also considered in many other countries having low currency rates. So, the US Dollars have great recognition of currency all over the world.

Not only this, it looked to be one of the United States licensed currency so, it used to be very excessively all over the world. Although in Pakistan, the US Dollar is considered to be highly important because of this reason, the USD to PKR value is still revolved on 160 PKR. But in Pakistan, the transaction for US Dollars is very habitual. But the US Dollar is also of least countable in the currency of some other major countries.

In this article, the finder will get all the information and detail about USD to PKR currency Exchange Open Market rates. Not only this, US Dollar to PKR live selling and buying values. It would be greatly beneficial for all those who online customers are because they will get complete detail of the whole week for 1 American US Dollar into exchange rates of PKR Rupees currency.

Like some other countries, also in Pakistan, almost all Imports deals are being to be done by US Dollars. So, here you will find all detail about updates of International foreign exchange values, currency interbank values.

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