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Diego Maradona Net Worth, Age, Bio, Death, Relationships & More

Diego was an Argentine football coach, manager, and a former professional soccer player. He is handling all these activities well and has earned a big name for him. Fans were really sad to get the news of his death. He died on November 25th, 2020, and that too at the age of 60. During his peak years as a player, he earned millions of dollars. He was one of the highest-paid players in 1980 and has earned a lot of money through endorsements too. If you want to have more details regarding Diego’s personal and professional life let’s get started.

Early Life, Death and Addiction issues

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Diego was born on October 30th, 1960 in Argentina. He was raised very well by his parents and has other six siblings too. Unfortunately, he was living in poverty but as he turned into a teenager he was lucky enough to be noticed by a talented manager. According to the latest updates from his family, he died on November 25th, 2020. He died at the age of 60 while his height was five feet and five inches. Many people don’t have an idea that he was addicted to cocaine that created a lot of problems in his life. There was a time when rehab seemed to be the only option for his survival. Due to the use of drugs he had to let go of his football career too.

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Diego started his football career when he was only 15. He was noticed by a team manager and soon drafted in the NFL. You will be surprised to know that he started playing for Argentinos Juniors. Once he achieved this position he started providing financial help to his huge family and siblings.

When he impressed at a national level he was soon drafted for Boca Juniors and got $4 million as his fees. He made many records while playing football and achieved fan following even from the opponents. In 1986 Diego helped his team in Argentina win World Cup. People still remember the time when he struck the ball in a controversial manner to get this win. The world cup win came when he won 2-1 against England so he was applauded a lot.

Personal Life and Net worth

The personal and professional life of Diego has been under a lot of ups and downs. He got into financial issues which were a cause of tension. You will be surprised that he also got involved in a tax dispute and had to pay around 37 euros. Some of his property and other belongings were also seized. As far as legal issues are concerned he got into many of them as well. There was news that he was meeting some prostitutes in Napoli so his repute was damaged among people. He also failed the drug tests many times and that did cost his football career too. Diego is one of the richest players but sadly he couldn’t live up to the image. The total net worth of Diego happens to be $500 thousand as he lost a lot in legal issues and tax payments.

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