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Did Obama Nominate A Supreme Court Justice In An Election Year

The confirmation regarding the Supreme Court justice is the significant responsibility of the President and Senate. All these things are decided under the constitution of the USA. If we look back at the history members of Congress as well as the White House have played their part and create a judicial branch. If they fail to do complete their duty, that means it will not be good for the entire constitution.

The Senate must do what they have to do but it seems that the republications of Senate are refusing to accept the nominee of a Supreme Court justice. The nominee is the chief judge who is chosen by Obama is named Merrick Garland. The Senate has the option of one year to decide what they want to accept. In fact, it is happening since 1975 that the confirmation of the nominee can take up to 65 days. Earlier the longest time to consider the nominee was 99 days. Here are more details about the news so keep reading:

Fast facts

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  • There have been a total of six justices that have been confirmed in a presidential election year since 1990
  • If the nominee has not withdrawn will receive a vote within 125 days or more
  • It will not be considered good if the Congress fails to accept the nominee made by the President

Supreme Court Nominee Confirmation Tracker

You can take a look at what President’s Obama nominee of the Supreme Court stands out in their confirmation processes. We can also compare these situations with the other nominees and that too under three different administrations.

  • Days until the hearing of the senate committee
  • Days until senate committee votes
  • Days until the confirmation of floor considerations
  • The days that are left until confirmation votes

It is possible to replace a supreme court justice in an election year?

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The heartbreaking death of Ruth Rader who was a Supreme Court icon has shocked one and all. He has been fulfilling his duties in the high court for about 27 years. His death was announced not much before the election and there are still 46 days left. Nobody knows what will be the results of this election and whether Trump will retain his position or not. Now the big question arises is that will it be easy to replace a Supreme Court justice in the year of the election?

Since the time Ruth was unwell, Barak Obama came forward with his nominee and there are some republications that have criticized his acts. The tables turned when Trump came into office and picked another nominee Neil Gorsuch to fill the seat. If we talk about the Thurmond rule it states that a change of justice in the Supreme Court cannot take place during an election year. The main catch here is that Thurmond rule isn’t actually a rule or obligatory to follow.

It doesn’t have any legal standing as such either. The rule was talked about in 2016 basically and the opposite party is using this trick against the nominee made by Obama. The Republicans are making sure that the change of justice shouldn’t be happening in the election year. It seems that this isn’t the right time for Republicans’ either as there isn’t much time left before the final elections day and there won’t be enough time for the background check of supreme court nominee.

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