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Fire Emblem Heroes apk download latest version (updated) for Android Phone

Fire Emblem Heroes APK is a smart device which has been going strong for 25 years now. You can play the battles strongly on your touch screen and the best thing is that you can summon all the characters from the Universe of Fire Emblem. It is an interesting game which has won the hearts of millions. You can develop strong battle skills and play the game really well and take it to new heights. The most interesting thing is that this adventure will win your height too if you have not yet tried it.

An epic quest

The application is free, easy and secure to use. It is like an epic quest and features an interesting story which is full of various characters. You can get to meet millions of players in your gameplay in the Universe meet and can get other exciting things too.

There are a total of 800 stages in the story and you can get unlimited discounts and offers as well. It can handle all the difficultly modules well. Once you clear one stage you are able to earn Orbs and you can summon for new heroes at any part of the game. There are new chapters added more frequently for all the users.

Intense battles

There are many intense battles and you can summon for heroes at regular intervals. There are certain maps which you can follow and they are able to fit the palm of your hand. The advantages and disadvantages of the heroes and their weapons are to be noticed well. There are touch and drag controls which can be used to defeat your enemies. There is an auto battle option which you can avail as well.

Strengthen your favorite heroes

There are plenty of ways to strengthen the allies around. The leveling skills, weapons and other equip able items are there. You can take any character of the game reach a great height and play along for as much time as you can.

Repayable modes

The main story is one thing but there are additional repayable modes you will be able to strengthen your allies in the game in the universe meets. These modes will make the gameplay quite easy for you. The gameplay is rewarding and the progression in levels is rewarding. The background music is lively and friendly enough to hook you up.

Original characters meet legendary heroes

There are many heroes who are featured in this game and you have an option to create many other heroes. If you choose some heroes they are able to fight for you in the battle. All the fierce enemies will be defeated and they will be added into your family. Some people have commented that it’s more like chess but looks even more stylish.

Fire Emblem Heroes Update

Some new weapons for the characters have been released and new characters named Cordelia, Rebecca and Henry. The raid structure has been increased and you are able to play well. The app has been recently updated and is frequently updated as well.

Easy download

The download is easy and the app will be installed without taking much of time. The installation process does not require much time and once you download you will get instructions regarding the installing process.

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Ratings of the game

Fire Emblem Heroes has been rated very well by the game players and has been given 4 out of 5 stars so if you want to try it out you can do it easily. You will be hooked on to it in no time.

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