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Dianne Feinstein Net Worth, Political Career, Bio, Relationships, Dating & Awards

Dianne Feinstein is a United States Senator and has been serving for many years. People know and respect her as she has been dealing with everything well. She became the first-ever female senator of California. You will be surprised to know that she was introduced to politics because of her uncle. At first, she was appointed as Women’s Board of Parole in 1961 and even appointed as the first female mayor. If this wasn’t enough she also started working Industrial welfare commission too. Dianne is an inspiration for all the women so let’s discuss more her.


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Dianne was born on June 22nd, 1933 in Sanfrancisco California. Her mother Betty has been a model in her youth. If we talk about his father Leon was a surgeon and accomplished in his field. She had two younger sisters and was close to both of them. As she belongs to a Jewish family and graduated from Convent of Sacred heart high school. She later got enrolled at Stanford University and also participated in the student’s activities. Dianne has been a bright student and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Political career and Mayor

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Dianne has been a fellow at Sanfrancisco Coro Foundation and served on the board for women. Pat Brown was appointed as a Governor and she gained experience under him. Her popularity in politics was by chance but she was soon appointed as the Mayor. She has been the first-ever female mayor of California and worked hard to sustain it. The board of supervisions gave her a good amount of votes. She was the first person who gave the idea that there should be a ban on handguns as they can be a threat to people.

US senate Career

Dianne’s career as the US senate hit it off well She became the first-ever female Senator and got a lot of popularity. As she was Jewish she followed her principles well. If this isn’t enough she was re-elected five times. She got the votes that were more than five times higher than her opponents. With a big 7.5 million votes nothing could get in her way and she also won the title of jungle primary. Dianne has sponsored more than 60 bills and one of the most famous ones was the REAL PEACE act.

Personal Life, Dating, husband

Dianne got married to Jack Berman who was also a political figure and served as a court judge. They welcome a daughter but they got divorced after few years of relationship. She fell in love again and got married to Bertram Feinstein. However, he died of cancer after few years of marriage. Dianne’s love life has been a roller coaster ride. She got married a third time to Richard C. Blum and is staying strong till now.

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Net Worth and Awards

The total net worth of Dianne is $90 million and is one of the richest political figures. She got many special awards for her recognition in social causes. Dianne got an award from the medical association when awarded Nathan Davis Award. The affordable health insurance was another benefit she gave for the rights of people.

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