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Diana Ross Net Worth, Career, Salary Highlights, Age, Relationships & More

Diana Ross is a legendary and iconic American singer and actress and she has a huge net worth. Most of the people recognize her as being the band member of the supreme in the 1960s. They have been a very successful band and most people still recognize them by their songs. After parting her ways from the band she started her own solo career that has been an instant success for her. If you want to know more about her personal and professional life read the following details below.

Early Life and Bio

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Diana was born on March 26th, 1944, and is 76 years old currently. She is the second eldest child of her family and is close to all her family members. Her parents are Ernestine and Fred Ross and they both supported her during every stage of her life. She graduated in 1962 from Cass Technical High School in downtown Detroit. Dianna took classes including clothing design, millinery, and pattern making and tailoring. During her teenage, she wanted to become a designer but after some time her thoughts changed. She started taking a keen interest in music and wanted to continue it as a career.


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Diana started her career by joining the band the Supremes and they started releasing songs and albums. When the Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes was their first song and it peaked at number 23 on the Billboard singles chart. If this isn’t enough she also started her solo career and gained success there too. Some of the famous songs and albums released by the band are.

  • Diana
  • The boss
  • Mahogany
  • Swept away
  • Eaten alive
  • I love you
  • Surrender
  • Baby, it’s me
  • Last time I saw him
  • I’m coming out
  • Love hangover
  • Missing you
  • Reach out and touch
  • It’s my house
  • It’s my turn

Acting career

In addition to the music career, Diana tried her luck in TV and films. She worked in Lady Sing the Blues and her performance earned her Golden Globe and an academy award. Here is some of the most famous work that she has done.

  • Mahogany
  • The Wiz
  • Out of Darkness
  • Double Platinum

Personal Life and Net Worth

The total net worth of Diana is $250 million and her height is five feet and four inches. She is a singer, record producer, actor, screenwriter, film producer, music artist, and television producer. As far as her personal life is concerned Diana got married twice and has five children in total. Her first husband was Arne Næss Jr and they got married in the same year. They got divorced after few years of their marriage.Naess died by falling down from the mountain climbing accident in South Africa.

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Real Estate

Diana has been living in a big mansion in Greenwich. Her home is spread on an area of 5 acres but after sometime planned to sell it for $39.5.As the real estate market was crashing she tried to get back some of her money as refunds. Her yearly salary has also been high and she has gained a lot of success.

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