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Destiny 2 Season 10: Season Of The Worthy Updates and All You Need To Know

Destiny 2 Season 10 is soon going to come to an end and fans are making the most out of it. Fans are eager to play the game well and end their activities within the speculated time. The new season is also on the horizon and the fans are super excited to know what the makers have in store for them in the future. Many news events and rewards will be coming to excite the fans all over again and make the game even more fun and thrilling to play.

Gamers are addicted to the game already and with so many updates and new upgrades coming the makers are developing a lot of new things for the fans every now and then. The frequent updates and new seasons are making the game one of the most popular games in the market. The fans should prepare themselves for Destiny 2 Season 11 as the makers are up for something even more thrilling and bombastic this time.

What are the latest updates on Destiny Season 10: Season of the worthy?

Destiny Season 10 will be coming to an end soon and you must hurry and complete all the activities and tasks in the given time. The time is going to be up for the gamers in a weeks’ time as the game gears up to the end of the season. The fans should make sure to make maximum progress and earn the rewards that they have been working hard for a long time. There have been many rumors about the rewards and activities that you can unlock before Season 11 begins.

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What are the rewards that you should grab on before the Destiny Season 11?

The two exotics that you must grab before the Season 11 starts include:

Tommy’s Matchbook

The solar auto rifle can be easily purchased just after you purchase the season pass. If you don’t want to invest your money in the game then you will have to wait till level 35 to get it.

The Fourth Horseman Arc shotgun

You can get it if you complete the quest to achieve it. The problem is that the quest doesn’t appear too often. You will have to wait for the quest to appear and only then you will have the chance to achieve it.

What are the features of Destiny 2 Season 10: Season of the Worthy?

The features of Destiny Season 10 include:

  • A highly entertaining and immersive story
  • Players can choose from various guardians and characters
  • The multiplayer game is competitive
  • The weapons and armors are exotic

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When is Destiny 2 Season 10: Season of the Worthy End Date?

Destiny 2 Season 10: Season of the Worthy will end on 8th June 2020. There are very few days left before the season ends so the fans must hurry and grab all the rewards and opportunities they can get before it ends. Season 11 will start from the next day that is 9th June 2020. The fans are excited and preparing to embrace the new season.

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