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What Tricks Toppers Do Use While Solving Critical Reasoning’s Tricky Questions?

Let us not make anything tricky about critical reasoning but  try to understand in a quite simple manner. To put it in easy words, the critical reasoning section is added in the government exam to evaluate your ability, how well you can imagine, scrutinize and conceptualize the questions, and come up with a conclusion. These questions are formed in a quite sophisticated way so that your level of thinking and logical skills. The importance of critical reasoning cannot be ignored in various important exams including UPSC, IELTS, IBPS, CAT, PO, and so on.

The critical Reasoning section holds different types. You need to hold basic information of its types to get good at this section. It is hard to ignore that these questions are a tad complex and you need to be careful while solving it. If you are preparing at home then you may also find a lot of content related critical reasoning online. Preparing from online critical reasoning material can also help to learn a lot about this. This way also helps to take your preparation to the next level.

Handle Critical Reasoning Questions

How Do Toppers Handle Critical Reasoning Questions

There is a wide array of books available in the market claiming helpful to prepare for logical reasoning puzzles and more. Most of you might be running quite confused. Here, we are going to mention a few important books you should prefer. You should go with Dave Kiloran’s “Critical Reasoning – Powerscore GMAT Critical Reasoning Bible” which is just amazing in the context of knowledge and information. The next on the list is Arun Jagannathan’s “GMAT Critical Reasoning Guide” and Manhattan Prep’s “GMAT Critical Reasoning”.

Since we are aware of the fact critical reasoning is a tad tricky, then how do exam toppers solve this question. Why are they so good at it? Is there any trick to solve them easily? Well, we are going to mention here some of the important tips and tricks related to these reasoning oriented questions. Let us check out more about it in a detailed manner –

  • Divide The Questions Into Various Parts

Yes, it may sound a bit bizarre but it is true. Categorizing a question into different parts means you will be having much-needed clarity about it. You will be able to understand the question in a better way. Your brain will work in a fast and different way. It is also called an ideal and easiest way to come up with the answer even if the question is very much tricky or critical. Once you divide a question into different parts, you will be having clear facts, needed assumptions, and better conclusions in front of you regarding the questions. Moreover, it helps you to get the answer to your question in a short period.

  • Dismiss The Wrong Options and Choose The Ideal One

The next thing is that you probably are coming up with different answers and all of them may sound accurate. But now you need to find out which option goes with the question in a better way. Then you should dismiss all other incorrect options. This trick will help you to choose the right answer fast and quickly.

  • Rephrase This Into Simple Language

Since the question has been formed in a tricky way, you should start rephrasing it. This means you would be explaining the same question to yourself but in a simple language. Rephrasing going with simple words will make it easier for you to understand the question in a better and ideal way.

  • Read Two Times To Get Much Needed Clarity

To develop a better understanding of the question, it will be better if you read the entire argument two times. When you read once more, it takes your confusion giving you much clarity. So, if you find a tricky question and are not able to figure out its answer, give it one more try reading it once again and chances are high that you will have an accurate answer in front of you.

  • Underline The Important Sections Of A Tricky Question

Moreover, you stuck with a question that sounds much more complicated than what to do. Do read it once again and underline the important things mentioned in the question. It will save you precious time and you probably will be having the right answer.

When we are in the exam room solving the critical reasoning questions, our brain starts behaving so fast and becomes hopeless sometimes. The reason is that we are already fed by a thought that the critical reasoning section is much tricky in comparison to other sections. Do not pay much attention to this. All you need to think that you are way much smarter and intelligent. Believing in yourself is much needed to stay confident and calm while attending the exam. The more you remain calm, the more quickly your brain works smarter.

In The Last

Critical Reasoning could be an interesting section for you if you start enjoying it. Start your practice and pay more attention to tricky questions and gradually you will get good at it

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Lindsey Ertz
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