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Deshaun Watson Net Worth, Age, Wife And Family, Professions, Salary

Deshaun Watson is a footballer from America. He plays as a quarterback in the team Houston Texans. He is a popular player of the NFL and Is idol to many young aspiring footballers. He isn’t a very old player because he became known and famous in the year 2017 when he was selected for the Texans. It is so much you need to know about the talented football player and if you are his fan you are in the right place. Let’s get to know about his professional and personal life.


Deshaun Bio and other details

Deshaun Watson was born on 14th September 1995 and he is 24 years old. Watson played extraordinary well in Georgia and he started to show signs of a great future football player way back in 2005. Watson was a part of his high school football team and has a lot of achievements to his name when he played for his school team. He won a lot of accolades during his play at an amateur level and was tagged as the Junior Allamerican. Watson played for the junior season for some time and later got noticed and was scouted by Houston Texans. He officially joined the NFL in 2017 and although he is new to the official platform of football he already has a lot of achievements to his name.

Injuries and setbacks

The talented football player was selected in the first round of NFL 2017 and was selected to be an official team member in the NFL league. He was ranked as an exceptional player on the different platform before reaching NFL and was already a famous player on the junior level. Watson had a knee injury and had a failed knee surgery that led him to stay away from the football stadium for quite some time. He also had an arm injury that made him stay away from the football platform for a long time. He made a comeback soon and graced the stadium with his outstanding skills.

His Salary and Net worth

Deshaun Watson earns his income from the game football. He is a professional player and has been a part of the NFL for quite some time now. His net worth is estimated to be around $9.71 million. He has played for almost two seasons for the NFL and has accumulated this much of net worth. We are sure that 10 years from now he would probably top the list of the richest footballers in America. His signing amount with the Houston Texans was a whopping $ 8.5 million which is a lot for a debutant. The selectors acknowledged his skill and were sure of his talent and knew that he could turn out to be a great asset for the NFL and the nation.

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Girlfriend and Loved ones

Deshaun Watson has two brothers and a sister. His parent’s names are Don Richardson and Deann Watson. The NFL player is a busy man but he takes time out for his family and is very close to them. Deshaun has been dating his high school friend and classmate Dallas Robson since his school time and the couple is still very much in love.

The couple attended high school together and is still taking out time for each other after graduating from school. Dallas has become a famous player and also earns a hefty sum of income every year but that hasn’t changed his love for his girlfriend. The so much in love couple is going strong in their relationship and has been in love since their school days.

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