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Dead to Me Season 2: A sequence of Friendship Know the Cast, Release date and Plot

Dead to Me Season 2: A sequence of Friendship. Know the Cast, Release date and Plot

Release Date:

The second season of “Dead to Me” had been announced for its renewal on 3rd June 2019. It is expected to be released in 2020, but the date and month haven’t yet been announced.


“Dead to Me” is a story about a deep and powerful friendship between two friends through a therapy group. Jen (Christina Applegate) seeks therapy to deal with the loss of her husband, who died from a hit-and-run accident, while Judy (Linda Cardellini) deals with the loss of her fiancé, who died from a heart attack.

Both women befriend each other and their friendship grew into a strong one. However, the plot takes a sudden twist when it comes to Jen’s knowledge that Judy was the one who hit her husband’s car and causing his death. The plot grows and ends with a cliffhanger about Jen learning more about her husband’s secret life and death. Judy had suspicions about Andrew Peters as her husband’s murderer, but to her absolute shock, Judy is the one who is responsible for killing Jen’s husband.

Jen also comes to discover about Bambi, the waitress who was having an affair with her husband. The entire plot shows friendship, betrayal, and dark faces of reality. However, season 2 of “Dead to Me” has been said to show Jen and Judy in a setup where they would need each other more than they realize and have their entire relationship changed drastically. The audience is still in anticipation to finally get to know what happens in the next season and to see the whole story unraveled.


  • Christina Applegate will play Jen Harding. He was a real estate agent whose husband Ted was killed by a hit-and-run driver.
  • Linda Cardelliniwill play Judy Hale. She was Jen’s friend in the therapy group. She also turns out to be Jen’s husband’s murderer.
  • James Marsden will play Steve Wood. He was Judy’s ex-fiancé and an attorney.
  • Max Jenkins will play Christopher Doyle. He was Jen’s real estate business partner and friend.
  • Sam McCarthy will play Charlie Harding. He was Jen’s older son.
  • Luke Roesslerwill play Henry Harding. He was Jen’s younger son.
  • Olivia Macklin will play Bambi. She was a waitress and Ted (Jen’s dead husband) ‘s, mistress.
  • Steve Howeywill play Jason. He was a widower and a member of the grief retreat.
  • Tara Karsianwill play Erica Brewer. She was Charlie’s principal.
  • Adora Soleil Bricherwill playShandy Adams. She was a girl in Henry’s class who found Ted’s body.
  • Tom Virtue will play Doug. He was a potential client of Jen.
  • Beth Littlefordwill play Doug’s wife.
  • Rick Holmes will play Andrew Peters. He was a man who had Jen’s suspicions of him being her husband’s killer.

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So far, the trailer for Dead to Me 2 has not been released yet, but it will be released soon this year, as announced. So far, it has been revealed by the producers of the show, that everything will come together, just not in a way that the audience has been expecting.

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