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David Portnoy Net Worth, Career, Salary Highlights, Early Life, Bio & Relationships

David Portnoy is an American sports figure and internet entrepreneur. He has a big net worth and earned all of it through his successful career. David is the founder of digital sports conglomerate barstool sports. Many young people are taking inspiration as they see his career grow by leaps and bounds. When he started his business he didn’t get any help and start everything from the scratch. If you want to know more about his personal and professional life read the following details below.

Bio and Start of Career

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David was born on 22nd March 1977 in the USA. He was a very bright child and good at studies too. David completed his studies at the University of Michigan and got a degree in business. Once he completed his studies he moved to Boston as he wanted to start his business. He started working for the IT research company and got some experience. His childhood was fun and entertaining as his parents always supported him. He started a website that covered all the latest news on sports. If this isn’t enough he became a part of the power media house. As he had the business skills since youth he started incorporating them into work. He used to work hard for 10 hours a day and build up his sports business well.

Personal Life and dating

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David has been linked with various women till now. However, after falling in love with Renee Satherthwaite he got married to her in 2009. The relationship was going well but they decided to part ways in 2017. He is given the title of El Presidente and Stool Presidente on his website. The site is a mix of sports news and also has posters of various attractive women. If this isn’t enough the website is posting reviews about the popular pizza in Manhattan. Some people believe that his tough working schedule is one of the reasons he got divorced.

Acquisition of Chernin

In 2016 it was reported that David has acquired the right of Chernin. He became the major shareholder in Barstool and the group is worth $10 million. When he acquired that company he got control over podcasts, gambling content, merchandise, alcohol brands, and much more. Additionally, he also acquired the rights for Penn National. If this isn’t enough his stock holdings in Barstool sports are increasing even more. The value of this company is $450 million. As the company was growing his shares have increased by over $100.

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Net Worth and Salary

As the business was growing at a large scale David’s salary became very high. His total net worth happens to be around $120 million. Many are surprised to know that he is one of the richest personalities. He believes in leading a lavish life and does everything to take his business to a new level. The way he deals with his business is an inspiration for all aspiring businessmen. Penn Gaming’s market share is huge and currently has earnings of $16 billion. His salary and net worth will keep increasing with time.

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