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David Attenborough Net Worth, Bio, Career, Relationships & More

David Attenborough is a popular English broadcaster and a naturalist. He is loved for being a part of many thrilling documentaries. You will not be surprised to know that he has a lot of knowledge about animal kingdom. Apart from that he has become the national treasure that every person adores. He has been a natural historian and has accumulated a lot of net worth. If you are curious to know more about him and how he has gathered this amount here are some details:

Bio and Early Life

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David was born on 8th May, 1926 and he is 95 years old currently. He was born in London while his height is five feet and ten inches. When he was young he was called for the national service. Due to which he had to spend around two years in the Royal Navy. After completing his studies he applied for a job as a Radio producer with BBC.

He also started editing the children’s textbook for some time. His first project came out to be interesting. Since his young age he got into folk music and enjoyed it fully. In the 1960’s he planned to retire from BBC and concentrate more on his studies. As a result he started postgraduate degree in social anthropology from London School of Economics.

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Career & Success

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After completing his studies David started working on many programmes. He was responsible for checking the output of both the channels of BBC. Apart from that he was given a chance to fire the staff too. Many officials at the company thought that he will become a possible candidate for the position of Director General at BBC. He started to follow his dreams and become a part of making the documentary series. This led to David working on being a freelance broadcaster.

Similarly he started working on the script of ‘Life on Earth’. This show raised the bar for all the upcoming wildlife films. There were a lot of times where the writer started to narrate the story of Wildlife on One and BBC one. The wildlife series ran successfully for about 253 episodes.  At the same time there were around 50 episodes of Nature world. Some other important projects of his career include:

  • The blue planet
  • Planet Earth
  • Frozen Planet

Awards and Net Worth

David is a famous naturalist has a record of having around 32 honorary degrees from various universities. He has been a great student at Oxford and Cambridge. At the same time he was given an award knighthood in 1985.His work has been appreciated by fans and critics alike. It made him win three British Academy Television Awards for Best Specialist Factual in 2011, 2014 and 2017. David is a popular actor, naturalist, television producer, writer and presenter. He has got a total net worth of $35 million. Due to this huge net worth he has been living a lavish life style.

Personal Life & Relationships

David has two brothers and they are all very close to each other. One of his brothers Richard Attenborough is a renowned actor. His father was a principle at University of Cambridge. He got married to Jane Oriel in 1950. However she died from brain hemorrhage in 1997. The couple has got two children.

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