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DC Comics MAFEX Launches Cyborg Superman

Superman is one of the most famous superheroes. Children look up to superman as a great inspiration and want to be like him when they grow up. The cartoon character is super famous and has appeared in many and superhero novels. No other character can achieve completing the missions that Superman has accomplished. Many characters did try to succeed him but they failed to do so as Superman stands out among all the fictional characters.

Cybrog Superman is Back To Steal Your Hearts

Before the “resurrection” of the Man of Steel, there were a variety of Supermen characters. The characters were a part of different comics and appeared in several DC Comics Animated films including the Reign of the Supermen. One of the superheroes was was Hank Henshaw. His features and resemble our favorite Boy Scout because of his direct contact with Superman’s birthing matrix. Medicom will be bringing the Cyborg Superman back. DC Comics MAFEX will be bringing out the new Superman for the fans.

What Cyborg Superman will look like?

Superman will roughly stand 6″ tall. The Reign of the Supermen villain will consist of all the Superman and Cyborg details. Hank will come with swappable parts, that will include his hands and hand blaster attachment. It will also come equipped with 2 blaster effect pieces. Superman will be showcased in the classic Man of Steel costume and will have the Cyborg parts. The powerful and attractive Superman will have captivating eyes. Cyborg Superman will come with a fabric cape and is a must-have item for any collection.

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Price of Cyborg Superman

Cyborg Superman will be available with the name of Superman MAFEX No.164. It will be available at the price of $104.99. The Cyborg figure will be releasing in May 2022 so you will have to wait another year to welcome it. The pre-orders have already begun and are life. You can order your Superman now and get it by May 2022.

Cyborg Superman Features

MAFEX Cyborg Superman (Return of Superman)Cyborg Superman that belongs to the family of “Return of Superman” will be joining the MAFEX action-figure lineup designed by the developers Medicom! The Cyborg will come with an extra right arm and will be packed with massive cannon. His fabric cloak will add extra grace to the look of Superman. The wire embedded in the hem will give it a dramatic pose!

Superman figure will stand tall and will have a posing arm. He will come with a posing arm that will indicate his look when he flies in the skies to save the world. You can Order him now and can add him to your own collection now! The important features of Superman will include the following:

  • Cyborg Superman figure made with a durable steel
  • Alternate hand parts that can be twisted and moved according to your desires
  • Hand Blaster that is easily movable
  • 2 Blaster effect parts that fix the body of the Superman well
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