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Crystal K Net Worth, Bio, Career, Relationships, Songs, & Other Details

Crystal K is a popular Japanese singer, songwriter, actress, and radio host. She released her debut single Eternal Memories in 1999. Crystal gained a lot more fame when she released her third studio album called Almost Seventeen. The album went on to get the number 2 position on the Japanese Oricon charts. Almost Seventeen became one of her best-selling albums and sold over 400,000 copies. It was instantly certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of Japan. Here is all you need to know about this talented singer and actress.

Bio and Early Life

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Crystal Kay was born on February 26th February 1986 in Japan. She has lived in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture. Her mother is a Korean-Japanese while her father is an African-American. She is 35 years old currently. Her father was a bassist and a sailor in the United States Navy in Yokosuka. Her mother was a professional singer with one album to her credit. It is not surprising that her father played music as a hobby. She was inspired by both her parents and wanted to have music as her profession.

As a child, she met prominent artists like Diana Ross and Bobby Brown as her parents loved to take her to their shows. She attended Kinnick High School and Sophia University to complete her studies. Even though she is Korean she does not speak Korean. She considers herself Japanese but is fluent in English too. English music has a lot of influence on her music, songs, and videos. Crystal Kay has revealed that Janet Jackson, Aaliyah, and Michael Jackson are her idols.

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It is not surprising that Crystal was found by Epic records and she signed up with them. It is a popular sub-label of Sony Music Japan for over 12 years now. However, after a year she suddenly transferred to Delicious Deli Records. It is a popular sub-label of Universal Music Japan. Till the year 2009 Krystal has released over ten albums. Nearly all her albums have done well especially her seventh studio album All Yours.

The album went on to become a successful album for her. It also became the first number-one release in her career. Surprisingly it also got debuted on top of the Oricon charts. Crystal has sold over two million records in Japan and one of the most sought-after singers. Throughout her career, she has collaborated with M-Flo and Boa. She has good chemistry will all the well-known artists.

Personal life and net worth

There is not much information about dating life of Crystal. However many fans assume that must be dating someone. The total net worth of Crystal happens to be around $1-$5 million. She has earned this name and fortune through her active career. Some of her most famous works include C.L.L Crystal Lover Light, 637: Always and Forever, Almost Seventeen, and 4 Real. She leads a lavish life and has a big house and many cars. She likes to keep her personal life private and maintained a distance from all the controversies.

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