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Coronavirus – AMLO says that we are doing well against covid-19

The President assured that Mexico is facing the pandemic well since it registers a few cases compared to other countries.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador called on the population not to go out on the street if it is not necessary, in order to stop the Covid-19 infections and not saturate the health system.

In a 14-minute message that he posted on his social networks, the president explained to citizens that according to the specialists’ calculations, if Mexicans agree to stay at home, they will not go beyond the health system that is already prepared to care for people who become infected.

AMLO Message about COVID-19

Special Video message to the people of Mexico from AMLO.

“We can move for the fundamental, not go out into the street without something really necessary that forces us to go out, the best thing is to stay. We are going to endure, we are going to maintain this retreat that is going to help us a lot, ”he explained from a hotel in Tijuana where tomorrow he will begin his second day of the working tour.

López Obrador asked citizens not to go to the doctor or hospital for nothing if they do not have the symptoms of coronavirus that he listed as fever, dry cough and discomfort in the body.

He also added that public administration employees are already authorized not to work if their employment is not a priority, such as public safety or water supply.

And he called on companies to do the same, as long as their activity is not essential for the development of daily life.

“If we do not take care of ourselves, if we do not retreat to our homes, the infection cases will shoot up and the hospitals will saturate us, even when we are prepared to receive thousands. If we take care of ourselves and pay attention, we will not have a hospitalization problem, they will not saturate us and we will get ahead, ”he said.

The President assured that Mexico is facing the pandemic well since it registers a few cases compared to other countries. However, he asked the Mexicans to redouble their dedication, sacrifice and obedience so that “we can cope successfully with the coronavirus epidemic”

“Let us have the confidence that by solving this we will reactivate the economy soon, we have always come out ahead in the face of adversity. Long live Mexico! ”, He concluded.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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