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Heartwarming Melo Dramas That Will Make Your Heart Melt

Heartwarming melodramas can be soothing to your soul and can be an interesting watch. The dramas that have serious and heart-melting concepts always make a place in the hearts of the fans. They can be trigger lost emotions of love inside you and they can also be an entertaining one-time watch show for you as well.

If you are looking for some heartwarming dramas with passionate and intense love stories then we have some great suggestions for you. The following are some of the best K dramas that are the perfect melodramas during your quarantine period.

Just Between Lovers

just between lovers

Just Between Lovers is a powerful drama with a beautiful concept. The chemistry between the lead actors is outstanding. Fate brings the two main characters together once again and they develop feelings for each other. They get close and heal each other’s wounded souls. The JTBC drama was rated average at the rating charts but the blazing chemistry between the lead couple made it possible for the show to achieve some cult fan following. The member of the Kpop group 2 PM Jun Ho has done a great job and acts naturally. He also has great chemistry with his co-star.



Radiant is an amazing drama that catches your attention from the very first episode. Kim Hye Ja wishes to become a news anchor but all her hopes go down the drain when she wakes up becoming a 70-year-old all of a sudden. Hye Ja meets up with Lee Joon Ha who has given up on his dream and lives a time-wasting life. When the two get together they find a new direction in their life.

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The Smile has left your eyes

the smile has left your eyes

If you are a Seo In Guk fan then you must not miss this one. This is one of his best performances and his chemistry with Jung So Min is a treat to watch. The story is about two people falling in love passionately. Both the lead characters have a horrible childhood. Yoo Jin Kang lives with her brother who has adopted her in her childhood. He is a fatherly figure to her. Things get complicated when Park Sung Woon becomes a murder suspect.

Come and Hug Me

come and hug me

Life can be extremely tough and tiring sometimes. All of us find it hard to handle the tough times and at such moments we want someone to hold our hand and support us. Come and Hug Me is exactly about that time of your life. The story is about childhood sweethearts who are separated from each other by a tragedy.

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I Will Go with You When the Weather is Nice

i will go with you when the weather is nice

The story is about a girl who lives in the busy city of Seoul but is unlucky in love. She misses the country life and eventually, she returns to her home in the countryside one day. She meets Eun Seop who is a sweet guy and he makes her think about her life once again. If you cannot get on with the craziness of your life then it is time to watch one of these dramas.

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