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CM Punk Has Reportedly Been Unhappy At AEW & Some Thought He May Quit

AEW Dynamite is impressing plenty of audiences lately. Last night’s show started with a bang and it’s not easy for everyone to forget about it. CM Punk is a popular wrestler who has given good performances in many matches inside the ring.

During the previous show he called out AEW interim World Champion Jon Moxley, Hangman Page, and Eddie Kingston. Since the show aired it is being reported that CM couldn’t control himself. He went off the script as he called for Page to have a rematch from their bout this year. Here is more to this story:

CM Punk Successfully Beats Page At Double Or Nothing

CM 2

The latest episode of AEW Dynamite is becoming unforgettable. Since the show aired it is reported that CM went off the guard and called out Page for a re-match. They both had a bout earlier this year and it seems CM wants to have some more action. He knew that former champion will not be ready to accept his challenge this time.

CM has successfully beaten Page at the ‘Double or Nothing’ match. He was forced to sit on the sidelines for several months due to a foot injury. Normally it takes a lot of time for people to get recovered after an intense injury. It seems that the feud between CM and Page is still going on. However, many believe that it ended that night already. Now that Punk is offering her a re-match things seem to get even more intense. After this match both haven’t seen eye to eye since the build-up of their match.

According to a recent report CM met with the officials and higher ups of AEW. He is not happy with the context of Page promos. After this meeting he is making sure that he plans to win against Page at any cost. The pay-per-view is genuinely getting bigger and better than before. Some rumors suggest that people within AEW feel that the last night promo is ‘unfair’ to Page.

Considering he didn’t have any idea about what is exactly happening to him. It is putting him in a no-win situation and he couldn’t even interrupt in the promo itself. As he was not supposed to involve himself in the making of the promo he seems helpless.

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CM Punk Feels His Promo Is A Receipt To Hangman Paige

CM 3

CM Punk is not happy with the current promo that is on-air right now. Hangman Page was in the building last night but there is no response coming from his side. Many officials at AEW feel that he isn’t a very confrontational person. This is the reason why he is liked by the new and old talents in the industry.

The report further confirms that many people backstage believe that CM believes Hangman is in this business for himself. However, CM is now using his promo from last night as a receipt to Page. It is more like a speculation that is coming in from backstage. There may not be an actual truth behind this as many suspect. If this isn’t enough this is major reason why CM feels frustrated over this issue. It is still unclear where the crux of all these issues are coming from.

The major reports coming in claim that CM is expressing his displeasure verbally many times before as well. He is doing it so blatantly that many thought he may quit AEW. People who are closer to him have to say this:

“He might have almost decided to stay home” instead of showing up last night, but don’t believe “The Best in the World” would’ve quit.  There are many threats coming from CM’s side. However it is still not sure what is going on in his mind when it comes to quitting the company.

CM is officially set to unify the AEW World Championship on next week’s Dynamite. He will be up against the interim champion Jon Moxley. The decision and announcement of this match happened really late but they are all set to compete wisely. Another match was scheduled to happen at ‘All Out’ in the hometown of CM.

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