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Clanfolk To Be Available For An Early Access In Mid-July

Indie developer and publisher MinMax Games have confirmed that they will be releasing Clanfolk on Steam. The video game will be available for early access in July. Clanfolk is one of the most anticipated games of this year. We have gathered all the latest information about Clanfolk. Here is all you need to know about Clanfolk.

What Is The Plot Of Clanfolk?

Clanfolk is a life simulator game that has been set up for the players to take on the role of a colonist in the Scottish Highlands. The players will have to do their part and raise the town from nothing. You will take care of your own family and more. The players will have to survive where there was no town before.

You will also have to thrive and expand the Universe in the game. Expand your own legacy as you will have more children. You will wed them off, and also see them grow and thrive in their own way. The players will continue to do their part on their own terms.

Clanfolk Release Date and Trailer

Clanfolk new trailer has been released and you can catch the trailer to find out more about the game. The video game will be released on July 14th.

Clanfolk Gameplay

Clanfolk is an intentionally challenging game. It is designed to test players as winter approaches. The food that you will be served will initially be plentiful. The nights will be warm until the seasons change.

The resources will begin to dwindle and this is when the challenge begins. The players can get the help of the procedurally generated maps and will need to find the perfect location to put down roots if they want their Clan to thrive.

Each member of your Clan will have their own behavioral traits. Their behavior will impact how each character lives their life in your colony. Some players will be afraid of the dark. This is why their bedrooms should be well lit to get better sleep. Others will have a high metabolism so they’ll eat more food and move faster.

The players will have to take care of the maintenance of your homestead and will build strong relations with neighboring clans. The fully simulated weather conditions and seasons will change each day in the Scottish Highlands.

You will clear the land and build your homestead. You will have to juggle a complex hierarchy of needs and will govern how your Clanfolk live their lives. This will ultimately determine whether you will last through the winter or not. The game will be played across generations, from birth until death.

The depth of Clanfolk will be vast, and it will grant the players to have complete control over their experience. You will also have control over how you manage your survival. Will you survive the winter? Find that out by playing this wonderful survival game.

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