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Best Outdoor Christmas Lights of 2021 String Christmas Lights

“I want to do the string lights on Christmas,” I say to my best friend, Laney. “But what if they’re too boring?”

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I spent my whole day trying to figure out how I would decorate for the holidays. It had become a yearly tradition, and at this point it was less about what I wanted and more about impressing the neighbors. If they saw me on Christmas morning with one of those top-of-the-line decorations they were going to be so jealous! But I knew that wasn’t good enough–my house needed to stand out from all the others.

I scoured thrift stores for hours until finally coming across some old fashioned, twinkling lights that could light up my porch like nobody else’s business. They weren’t even plugged in yet, but already people started driving by slowly just to see if there might be something new happening.

It’s time to decorate your home for the holiday season! You can start by deciding what type of lighting you want. A warm-white string light is simple and easy, or if more fun colors are desired then go with something like multicolored lights on their biggest tree in town; however it’ll be necessary get creative about where these decorations will live since there probably won’t have enough room left after shopping during Black Friday sales just yet unless maybe as an accent somewhere else around our homes instead?

Get ready to take your home into the next century with these amazing lights! Sure, they’re not just for Christmas anymore. You can put them up all year round and make it a place that’s as warm at heart during dark evenings like fall or winter when you need cozy ambiance more than ever before – even if outside temperatures are below freezing point . And don’t forget about those who want something traditional: we have icicle-shaped strands in different colors too so everyone has an individual look inside their house without feeling too matchy-matchy (although there might be some overlap).

10 Best String Christmas Lights Outdoor 2021

100-Count Clear Green Wire Christmas Light Set Christmas Decorations


For those looking for an easy way to get into the Christmas spirit, these classic lights should do just that. They come in bright white and green-wired options as well if you’re not interested in multi colors!

Everglow 2980-22 100 Clear White Wire Light Set

Everglow 2980-22 100 Clear

If you’re looking for a way to light up your home this winter without the hassle of strings and bulbs, we have just what you need! These white lights are known as one-of-a kind among Amazon customers.

Vanthylit Faceted Led Christmas Lights with Clear Slim C9(Jumbo C7) 50LT Multicolor LED String Light hHigh Voltage lightsf or Indoor and Outdoor Decoration(End to End Connectable Up to 90 Sets)


With their bright and colorful design, these large strawberry-shaped C9 lights are a fun addition to any house. Plus they’re LEDs which means you’ll never have to worry about them burning out by next season!

Toodour LED Icicle Lights, 360 LED 29.5ft 8 Modes Window Curtain Fairy Lights with 60 drops, Led Christmas Lights, Icicle Fairy Twinkle Lights for Holiday, Party, Wedding Decorations (Warm White)


These solar-powered string lights will make your home look like a winter wonderland. They’re easy to hang and come in different colors, so you can find the perfect style for any occasion!

NOMA C9 LED Quick Clip Christmas Lights | Built-in Clip-On String Lights | 25 Green Bulbs | 16.8 Foot Strand

NOMA C9 LED Quick Clip Christmas

If you’re looking for an elegant style of lighting that will enhance your home’s curb appeal while also giving it some much-needed ambiance, consider these cool white C9 bulbs. They have the same texture as vintage strawberry lamps but without any colorful shades or decorations—perfect if neutral colors are more up your alley! These individual lights come with clips so they can easily be installed on roofs

Twinkle Star Christmas Lights, 66FT 200 LED Color Changing Tree String Lights, Plug in 11 Mode Functions Warm White & Multicolor Light, Remote Connectable 29V Safe Adapter for Xmas Party Decoration

In the mood for something different? Mini LED fairy lights offer a range of colors and brightnesses that are sure to please your eye. With this choice, you don’t have worry about making a decision as they can be changed back-and forth at will!

Globe Led String Lights, Mibote 55ft 112 LEDs Colored Fairy Lights Waterproof Plug in String Lights for Outdoor Indoor Bedroom Patio Garden Party Wedding Patio Christmas Xmas Tree Decoration

55' LED Multi-Color Globe Lights

Go for something that feels a little more modern and fun with these multi-color globe lights. They also come in white, if you want to give your room an elegant yet soft glow instead!

Adecorty Falling Rain Lights Meteor Shower Lights Christmas Lights 30cm 8 Tube 144 LEDs, Falling Rain Drop Icicle String Lights for Christmas Trees Halloween Decoration Holiday Wedding (White)

8-Count Meteor Shower LED Lights

Want to create a unique atmosphere for your holiday party? These meteor shower lights will look like stars falling from the sky. You can get them in white, blue or purple colors!

LE LED Rope Lights Outdoor, Multi Colored Indoor String Lights with Remote, 8 Modes, Waterproof, 33ft 100 LED USB Powered Fairy Lights for Bedroom, Garden, Patio, Kids Room, Deck, Christmas Decoration

33' Dimmable Multi-Colored LED Rope Light

Rope lights are a great way to decorate your home or office with an elegant, simple touch. These battery-powered and dimmable LED rope light strings have remote controls that let you choose the brightness as well as turn them off from wherever in the house!

BHCLIGHT 12 Stars 138 LED Star Lights, Curtain String Lights for Bedroom with 8 Lighting Modes,Waterproof Window Lights Ramadan Decorations, Wedding,Garden Christmas Decorations Lights – Warm White

BHCLIGHT 12 Stars 138 LED Star Lights

With a star-shaped design, these warm white lights will provide the perfect celestial glow for any window or wall.

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