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Christian Horner Net Worth, Salary, Career, Endorsements, Personal Life & More

Christian Horner is a professional from the Team Principle of Red Bull racing F1. He began his career in motorsport and soon became a racing driver. All his fans will be happy to know that he is managing F1 career very successfully in 2005. In the same year he also got the chance to join the Red Bull Family. Since the arrival of Christian in this business the Milton Keyes outfits also became very popular. After working as a racing driver he moved to the position of a principle for the Arden Motorsports team. Here is the net worth and other details regarding Christian Horner.

Early Life and Bio

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Christian Horner was born on November 16th, 1973 and he is 48 years old currently. He was born and brought up in UK with his two brothers named Jamie and Guy. Being a good student he got good grades while studying at the Arnold Lodge School. After completing his college he wanted to pursue a career as a racing driver. In 1991 he won the Formula Renault scholarship that marked his way into racing.

Career and on track achievements

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Christian Horner made a lot of on track achievements while being a racer. He got the highest position with the Arden Team. After his retirement from racing he signed up with Viktor Maslov and Marc Goossens. FIA F3000 season became a huge success and he won a lot of titles. In 2000 he has around three winning races while achieving second position in the Championship. As he parted with Lukoil a lot of new drivers were lined up.

Tomáš Enge and Björn Wirdheim achieved five victories in total. In the same year Arden also won the Team Championship. Soon after he joined formula one racing. Along with Eddie Jordan he purchased Jordan Grand Prix. In 2004 Red Bull got the chance to purchase Jaguar F1 team. Christian got appointed to lead his team and they got a lot of victories too.

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Net Worth and Salary

Christian is a popular race car driver and the principle of Red Bull Team. He has got a total net worth of $50 million. Interestingly his salary for every month is around $10 million. You will be happy to know that he also got an award in 2013. Currently he holds the honorary rank for being and order of the British Empire. Due to his huge net worth he tries to give some charity out of it. He is considered a philanthropist and is the ambassador of Wings for Life foundation.

Personal Life and Relationships

Christian got married to Beverly Allen in 2000. However the marriage lasted till 2014. In 2015 he got married to Geri Halliwell. Geri is a member of the popular girl group Spice girls. He has got two sons and one daughter. In 2013 his team won F1 constructors Championship fourth time in a row. As he is one of the richest people in UK he leads a lavish lifestyle.

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