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Cheap Flights to Canada, Europe and USA with Air Transat

Air Transat is the number one airline of Canada as it flies to over 60 destinations worldwide. It covers more than 25 countries in America and Europe while it offers domestic or connecting flights within Canada. Air Transat travels with five million passengers each other and takes care of their facilities by giving them top-notch services. If you have booked a flight with this airline you can feel at ease and will not be disappointed with what they are offering. Air Transat is a business unit/extension of Transat A.T.Inc that is a leading tourism international company catering to the needs of many passengers.

Book a flight with Air Transat

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Air Transat has specialized in giving plenty of tour packages with good quality hotel stay and air travel services along with the ticketing. Transat has been awarded a special award of Travel life certification in 2018 as its good services were recognized by people. They have been continuously developing and have employed over 5,000 employees. Transat has been providing air travel services for 12 years now and their office s located in Montreal.

Air Transat is very conscious when it comes to recognizing the prime importance of environments, hosting communities, and the relationship with their partners and customers. They are popular for adopting the policy corporate social responsibility since 2008. The best thing is that they care about the passengers and have adopted an eco-friendly policy.

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Travel Information

Get to know about the latest travel information regarding Air Transat:


The passengers are allowed to carry a certain amount of weight for their luggage. You can also get the necessary information about the transportation of sporting, medical, and other special equipment. If you have lost or damaged some part of the luggage you can get in touch with the airport authorities.

Flight status and schedule

If you visit the official website you can book your ticket for an important flight. Find out when the flight will depart and it is better to plan your vacation 15 months in advance. You can consult the flight status and schedules and make your trip comfortable.

On-board comfort

You can make your travel experience worthwhile by adding some extras. It will be easy to select a seat of your own choice and add a festive touch to the economy class. The club class offers a lot of exclusive cabins that boast of extra comfort and care.

Airports and check-in

You can discover every little detail you need to know about the airport. There is information available on terminals and the check-in time too. You can save your time by checking these details online.

Air Transat UK Head Office Contact Details

The head office of Air Transat is in the UK and here are all the details:

In case you are calling from your landline, it will be easy to call on the toll-free number 00 800 872 672 83. If you are calling from the outside UK there is another number where you can call 44 (0) 207 616 9187. You can also reserve your flights on this number.

Air Transat London Gatwick and Birmingham Contact Details

Currently, Gatwick and Birmingham’s office is also helping passengers. If you want to check out the contact details of Air Transat there are written below.

Gatwick Phone Number:  020 7616 9187

Birmingham telephone number 00800 28 38 76 73

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