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Charli D’Amelio Net Worth, Career, Age, Bio & Other Details

Charli D’Amelio is a popular American social media personality. She has gained a lot of fame at a young age. Charli D has been a popular face because of her Tik Tok platform. People love to watch her perform and recently she has become one of the biggest stars here. She is one of the most followed persons on Tik Tok lately beating most of her rivals. One of the biggest Tik Tok celebrities has been Loren Gray but she has become a clear winner. Charli has crossed 100 million followers on this media platform while Loren has got 8 million followers. If you want to know more about this talented Tik Tok star don’t forget to read all the details.

Key Facts

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  • Charli D’ is the first person to reach 100 million followers on Tik Tok
  • She has earned around $3 million in 2020
  • There are different sponsors sponsoring her and she charges $100,000
  • For the super bowl ad, she earned $1 million


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Charli D started her career with Instagram and as many followers poured in she opened her Tik Tok account. The emergence of Tik Tok was huge and she also collaborated with many such artists. Her friend and fellow Tik Tok star Chase Hudson and Maximo Rivano collaborated on her channel and made it more successful. She is still very young but has the perfect skills to attract many different audiences.

Currently, she is known as the Tik Tok queen and has the highest number of followers. Her parents have already supported her and this is how she reached huge success. Charli has appeared in some famous films and TV shows due to her rising popularity. The names include StarDog and TurboCat, the Disney Family Singalong, James Charles.


Charli Dwas born on 1st May 2004 and is 17 years old currently. In her childhood, she has always been interested in pursuing a career in entertainment. You will be surprised to know that she is a fabulous dancer and has used these skills to get success on Tik Tok. According to the recent rumors, she will be getting her own Hulu show very soon. She has one sister who is 19 years old and they both are very close to each other.

Net Worth and Earnings

The total net worth of Charli is $8 million and she has earned this amount with endorsements and merchandise. The revenue from YouTube and Tik Tok has helped her earn a high salary per year. There are many sponsors that want her to promote their products. She charges $100, 000 for one sponsored post, and as the channel keeps growing so does her fortune.

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House in Hollywood hills

Charli D is just 17 and has become one of the topmost influencers today. She is very close to her parents and loves to spend time with them. Since the time she has become the highest-paid celebrity, she is leading a lavish life. She has moved from Connecticut to Beverly Hills that is known to be the most expensive area. There are four big bedrooms and three bathrooms and a lot of other luxury items in the house.

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