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Here Are 10 Quality Link Building Tips for SEO

Link building is a process wherein other websites are linked to a company’s website. The objective is to boost SEO or search engine optimization, promote the brand’s reputation, increase its online visibility and drive traffic to the site. Backlinks are used by Google and other search engines to establish the authority of a website. The higher the number of quality links that lead users to a website, the higher it ranks on search engines. Websites with backlinks to authority websites are immediately visible to many users, and when it appears on reputable sites, its reputation is further enhanced. The results are more visitors to the website that can turn into conversions. Business owners and digital marketers should seriously consider link building SEO to improve their website’s authority and to generate referral traffic to the site.

The algorithms of search engines like Google are constantly evolving. Still, backlinks continue to be a determining factor to rank on specific keywords. Link building is a technique that is often practiced in SEO because they send out a signal to search engines that the site deserves acknowledgment because of its quality. Thus, websites containing more backlinks enjoy higher search engine rankings.

When it comes to link building, however, there is the correct way and the wrong way of doing it. To ensure the viability of the business, website owners should work on the natural or organic method of link building. This process involves earning those links instead of acquiring them through black-hat SEO or buying them. Black-hat SEO is manipulative tactics used that result in banning a site from search engine results. Organic link building takes a lot of time and hard work since authority links are not easy to acquire. Just the same, websites need to build links to gain higher search rankings.

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Here are 10 quality link building tips for SEO.

  1. Request for backlinks

Requesting for backlinks is one of the usual ways to acquire backlinks. These requests can be useful in link building, using the site’s current content, while publishing new ones. It helps promote a brand and be highly visible. One effective strategy for link requests is to write to the owner of a website and commend the post the company wants to link from. Another way is to refer to the post where the site was found and mention it as the one being requested. The post should be relevant to the website and its audience and is currently not linked to another article.

  1. Provide testimonials

Many businesses utilize testimonials to establish trust with clients and know their specific needs. They are also helpful in making adjustments to products or services when customers request improvements. Testimonials are also a link building SEO technique. Link building allows a website to acquire backlinks and bring in potential customers from the website. The company must create a list of relevant sites based on the similarity of their products or services to the brand. The next step is to create a unique and personalized review containing relevant keywords that build credibility and trust. Finally, the company can reach out to the website, including its business name. Even if the site does not link back to the company, their business name will likely be included, which is good since unlinked mentions are helpful.

  1. Establish good relationships

Establishing good relationships is beneficial to link building, and there are many ways to make new contacts. One is to join communities related to the company’s industry, such as forums and social groups. The company can contribute relevant posts and comments to discussions to show authority in their niche. Through active participation in niche-related communities, it is possible to get backlinks and gain access to the latest trends in the industry, while connecting with others who share the same interest.

  1. Choose trustworthy online directories for the site

A website should list itself in trusted online directories that are recognized by Google and other search engines. Many of them do not offer users any value, so they are excluded from search results. The company must select an online directory that allows posting links and gives potential customers useful information they need. It is best to go for directories that are directly related to the industry of the brand.

  1. Create and promote unique, high-quality content

Content determines whether a website is trustworthy, has authority, and is worth visiting. When the content is unique, informational, and relevant, it is a given that people will be interested in linking to it. Promoting content will have people find and link to it.

  1. Get backlinks from friends and associates

A company can talk to people they know and ask them to link to the business website. It is best to keep in mind that relevance is essential, and links must come from sites in the same industry. Links from unrelated sites do not offer any value to the business.

  1. Create a guest blog

Writing a guest post is a common and effective link-building tactic. Many websites are willing to publish guest blogs, and the process is simple. An article is written for another site that is related to their niche. The website publishes it, and the company links to it. The blog should be informational and professionally written to gain interest.

  1. Find common links of competitors

Many competitors share some backlinks that the company does not currently have. To get these backlinks, they are analyzed before using the CBLT or Common Backlinks Tool used specifically for this purpose. CBLT helps discover common backlinks and the techniques of competitors.

  1. Get indirect backlinks from other competitors 

Competitors will generally link the same websites that are the authorities in a specific niche. LJT or Link Juice Thief helps the company find the sites that the competition links to.

  1. Monitor the new links of competitors

A company must always be aware of the activities of its competitors. Through the Link Alerts tool, the new backlinks of competitors are discovered and still allows the company to keep track of the competition.

Through link building SEO, a website can show more authority, gain the trust of more potential clients, and rank higher in search engine results.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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