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Bullets Per Minute review

Bullets Per minute is an intuitive video game that is developed by Rhythm games. It has come a long way from the arcade origins of dance pads or fake instruments in Harmonix. The latest innovation and technology is fused with the perfect rhythm and other mechanisms facilitated by many other genres. The developers have been working for the perfect VR and that too with the likes of Beat Saber and Pistol Whip.

They have come up with the unique idea of a fast and responsive first-person shooter game. The game is précised with a toe-tapping rhythm while the graphics are a breath of fresh air. Awe interactive has another important trick under their sleeve and is a hybrid featuring three generations. You may find some similarities with Crypt of the Necrodancer. Here is the complete review of Bullets Per minute.

What is the plot of bullets per minute?

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The plot of bullets per minute revolves around Valkyrie that is fighting with enemies and invaders. They are armed with guns and weapons but dealing with the enemy may not be an easy task altogether. The task will be to clean the enemies after moving from one door to the other while collecting the coins, keys, and powerups. The jumping and dodging will look like a smooth task and if you miss the beat you may miss out on the chance to beat your enemy.

The music in the background is very catchy. In any case, if you are struggling with the rhythm and beats that are played in the background you can choose to play the game with auto-rhythm settings. You can play with the easy mode and the layout of the game is breathtaking. When you get hit by the enemy there is a checkpoint where you can check your health and regain it too.

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What is the gameplay of Bullets per minute?

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The gameplay of bullets per minute is quite easy and there is a wide range to unlock all the weapons and rewards. You can find the weapons in the chest and even have the choice to buy it with money through the shop. The powerful gun will make a huge difference when you are dealing with your enemies. There is also a rocket launcher that is considered even better than a pistol.

The player will have to go with their flow and it is possible to end the game within 30-45 minutes if you have good strategies. You will get plenty of rewards and there are many new characters that will surprise you from time to time. The boss rush or Auto-fire mode is quite good and much better than other genres that we normally see in other games.

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Is Bullets per minute worth playing and when it will release?

Bullets per minute is quite enjoyable and if you like intense gaming sessions it will be a perfect choice for you. The gameplay is easy and the graphics are topnotch as well. The best thing is that the game is free to play and frequent rewards in the game will make your gameplay a lot easier than before. The enemies’ may be tough to beat but overall the game is very entertaining and exciting at the same time. The video game is released on 15th September and you have the option to try it out on the PC. The console version of the game is expected to release in 2021.

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