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Melinda Gates Net Worth, Bio, Age, Career & Accolades

Melinda Gates is a popular American businesswoman and philanthropist. She has got a lot of recognition in her field and is helping a lot of people. Melinda and her husband Bill are known as the most prominent and biggest philanthropists of recent times. Both are the co-founders of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. It is not surprising why both of them are respected in this field. There are many rich people all over the world but very few are open to spending a lot of money for charity purposes. Here is more about Melinda Gates and her professional life.

 Early Life and Bio

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Melinda Gates was born on August 15; 1964. She lived with her parents and three siblings in Dallas, Texas. Among four children she is the second and most loved child. Her parents are Elaine Amerland and Raymond Joseph French Jr. Her mother is a homemaker while her father is an aerospace engineer. As a child, she was introduced to the Apple by her father. It sparked a lot of her interest in computer games and programming. She was a bright child and attended St. Monica Catholic School.

Apart from that, she got her valedictorian from Ursuline Academy in Dallas. Melinda completed her graduation from Duke University. She completed her B.S. in computer science and economics that is not an easy subject to deal with. In the same year, she graduated with an MBA degree from Duke’s Fuqua School of Business. She has been an active member of the Kappa Alpha Theta (Beta Rho Chapter) when she in college. Melinda is 56 years old currently.

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Melinda started her job by becoming the tutor of children in computer programming and mathematics. Once her graduation was complete she started working at Microsoft. Due to her skills, she became the leading developer of many multimedia products. Fortunately, many people are now aware of Cinemania, Encarta, Publisher, Money, Works, and Word because of her. She has also worked on Expedia and by the time it became one of the most popular booking sites for travelers.

While she was successfully working as a General Manager of Information Products she decided to take a break and start a family. Melinda has been an active member of Duke University’s Board of Trustees. She has been a part of Washington Post and the Board of Directors at for a long time.

Recognition and Accolades

Melinda and her husband Bill are active philanthropists. They have received the Award for Greatest Public Service for benefiting the needy. In 2005 they became a part of Time’s People of the Year list. They also received the Spanish Prince of Asturias Award for offering charity services. If this isn’t enough Melinda was also awarded the Insignia of the Order of the Aztec Eagle. They are handling a lot of charity works especially in Mexico City.

Personal Life and Net worth

Melinda started working at Microsoft in the management department. It is the place where she met Bill Gates who is her husband now. The couple fell in love and they got married in 1994. The total net worth of Melinda happens to be around $70 billion. If we combine the net worth of both husband and wife the net worth will be $120 billion. According to the latest rumors couple has decided to take divorce after 27 years of marriage.

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