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Britt Baker Gets Injured & His comments On AEW Rampage Win

Britt Baker is the AEW Women’s World champion and she is impressing one and all with her powerful performances. The wrestling fans have been happy that she retained her title against Red Velvet. The recent Rampage win has made her happy but the injury has become as a big disappointment. As she is currently in her hometown of Pittsburgh she will be dealing with a broken wrist. Even though she is injured she is dealing with it all. Britt got an injury after having an intense match with Nyla Rose. She was near the Death Valley Driver spot when the match was about to end. Here are more details regarding Britt Baker:

Britt baker’s Injury

britt 1

Britt Baker has been injured during a recent match against Nyla Rose. The good thing is that she didn’t want the length of the match to shorten. She also ended up working for more than four minutes. During the last night’s match she was also wearing a cast for many hours during the match. Red Velvet is also impressed with her professional behavior. Even after having this injury he finished her Lock Jaw efficiently and got victory. Jamie Hayter worked as a backup and helped to protect her against Kris Statlander especially after the match. The recent update on her social media has been heartwarming. She also fans to entertain her fans in the upcoming matches. It will be possible once she gets treated and becomes better. Here is what she says:“#ANDSTILL With a broken freaking wrist.”

There are a lot of fans who could notice when Baker nodded to Adam Cole during the last match. She worked hard and nailed her performance against Red Velvet keeping her signature moves in action. All the wrestling fans are also aware that her signature moves are (kneecap brain buster). After the match ended Adam also replied to Britt’s comment by writing “#Brittsburgh.”

Kenny Omega Defends Impact Title against Christian


Many wrestling fans have been excited to catch up with the live coverage of AEW Rampage. If you have not been able to watch it live you can watch the repeat telecast or download it from the internet. Brian Hebner is the referee for this eventful matching and even the crowd is very excited for this big match. The two will be up against each other and both are planning to give a power packed performance. Both have worked hard inside the ring and trying for various finishes but no luck for them yet.

Callis gives him some ideas and Kenny Omega gets back to the ring with more determination. When both collide once again Omega was back with a flying back elbow. Omega and Christian switch their parts to be inside the ring and on the floor efficiently. The referee is in full control over the happenings and the game goes on in full swing.  Christian keeps throwing punches and hits but Kenny comes back with a bang to defend his title. It has been an interesting match that is satisfying for all the viewers.

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