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British tourist says she Severed An Artery on a slide in Bulgaria

A British tourist claims that her visit to the Aqua Paradise water park in Bulgaria turned into a nightmare after an artery was cut while riding one of its slides.

Jade Graves of Hull said he felt severe pain in his pelvic area when he hit the water in the bottom and noticed blood coming down his legs and filling the pool.

Jade Graves claims she severed an artery on a water slide in Bulgaria
Jade Graves claims she severed an artery on a water slide in Bulgaria. Credit: Irwin Mitchell

The 29-year-old woman said she suffered severe blood loss and spent the next four days at Life Hospital in Burgas, where she received a blood transfusion and underwent surgery to repair the artery, which was covered by her travel insurance.

She suffered injuries last July while riding the Space Jam slide at the water park in Nessebar, but said she is still struggling with “significant psychological trauma” as a result of the incident.

Speaking to The Mirror, Ms. Graves said, “I still can’t believe what happened to me on that slide. I was destined to spend a wonderful holiday with my family, but the whole experience has been traumatic.

“When I got to the water, I felt a lot of pain and lost so much blood that I had to receive a transfusion. It was a complete nightmare and I still feel deeply upset about that.”

“I’m still not sure exactly what happened, because I followed all the rules that the lifeguard set me.

“I wish I’d never set foot in that water park.”

Ms Graves said the holiday was a complete nightmare
Ms Graves said the holiday was a ‘complete nightmare’. Credit: Irwin Mitchell

Ms. Graves said she was forced off work for five weeks while recovering from her injuries and that she hired the law firm Irwin Mitchell to investigate the incident.

Cheryl Palmer-Hughes and Tejire Akaunu, the international lawyers for serious injury at Irwin Mitchell representing Ms. Graves, said in a statement: “This is a deeply troubling case in which a young woman has suffered horrific injuries during what was supposed to be fun and relaxing time.

“Unfortunately, we see many of these cases at this particular time of year, and Jade’s life has been completely disrupted by his mental and physical suffering.”

“Now we have begun our investigation into the accident and are determined to give Jade the answers she needs to help her move forward with her life.”

LADbible has contacted Aqua Paradise Water Park for comments.

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