Brexit Day – The UK separated from the European Union

UK separated from the European Union
UK separated from the European Union

The UK officially separated from the European Union, but the process of separation will reach its completion after an 11-month interim period.

According to the details, efforts for Bridget have come to light, Britain is separated from the European Union, British are celebrating across the country, supporters of Bridget and opposition have gathered on Parliament Square, women and children are also in Parliament Square. The flags have been raised.

Britain will negotiate for renewed ties with Europe; affairs will continue on existing laws in the interim period of 11 months. During this time, European laws will remain in force in the UK and details of EU relations will be set.

It is believed that Britain remained a member of the EU for 47 years, and it took three years in the struggle for Brexit, with 621 votes in favor of the expulsion of Britain from Europe and 49 votes in opposition. Was approved while the British Parliament and Darul Amira had also approved a resolution of separation from the European Union, and the UK had also approved separation from the European Union.

On the one hand, its supporters are celebrating after Brexit, and on the other, opponents of Brexit are protesting. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said after the British separation from Europe that the new sun will rise in the UK now, for many it is a moment of hope, a moment that will never come again. There are also many who are feeling anxious and hurt at the moment.

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