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WWE Reportedly Interested In Bringing Braun Strowman & Buddy Murphy Back

Fans will be happy to know that WWE is reportedly interested in bringing back Braun Strowman inside the ring. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has revealed this story that the officials of WWE are interested in bringing the superstar back. If he comes back to the company he will be probably getting a big contract to sign. There are a lot of superstars that are joining the recent AEW signings. A lot more are expected to join including CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. Here is more to the story:


Braun Strowman to be back at WWE

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Fans already know that Braun Strowman has been released since 2nd June. He is serving a contract period that is valid for a 90-day period. On Tuesday, August 31st this clause makes him a free agent. There is a lot of buzz going around among the official that he will be signing up with AEW. It seems that even the fans will be happy to have him back. However, there is still no confirmation from his side that whether he wants to be back or not. The wrestling fans are holding their breath and awaiting his return.

Let’s wait and see what happens at WWE. As noted previously the merchandise of Braun is also added to the website of WWE shop. Everyone has been wondering that is it a mistake or the merchandise is an indication of him making a comeback. If there is a miscommunication regarding its fans will be very much disappointed. There are a lot of things happening in the world of WWE and new gossips is coming out every day.

Buddy Murphy To Join AEW?

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Another buzz coming from the WWE world is that Former WWE Superstar Buddy Murphy is getting offers from some top companies. Impact Wrestling has been trying to get a hold of him so that Buddy can join their team. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter AEW is also planning to rope him for a big contract. Murphy is released from the WWE contract on June 2nd and since then everyone is waiting for him to be back. He will become a free agent as his 90-day non-compete clause will expire on Tuesday; August 31.

As of now, fans can catch up with the first post-WWE match on September 18th, 2021. The Battleground Championship Wrestling event in Philadelphia will be one of the finest events taking place this year. He will be wrestling against the AEW star Brian Cage.

As soon as Murphy was released reports have been coming in that Indie promoters are also interested to sign up with him. It is one of many companies that want him on board and he is very much in demand. There is no doubt that he will not have any trouble finding good work after his strong career in WWE. Let’s see what the future holds for him and you can keep checking this space for more updates!

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