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Blue Angels And Thunderbirds Salute NY Coronavirus Responders With Flyover

Healthcare workers, first responders, and other essential employees who are working on the front lines of the coronavirus response in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania will be greeted with a thank-you note on Tuesday morning. in the noon.

Elite military flight demonstration squadrons – Navy Blue Angels and Air Force Thunderbirds – fly in people who are awarded for “fighting the epidemic”. Covid-19.

A total of 12 fighter jets, six Air Force F-16C / D Fighting Falcons and half a dozen F-18 C / D Hornets – will cross New York and Newark in the afternoon, heading to Trenton, NJ, and Philadelphia before leaving.

Lt. Col. John Caldwell of the US Air Force said, “We are truly delighted to take to the skies with our Navy counterparts for a national tribute to the men and women who secure our communities.” Thunderbird 1 and the mission commander for the flyby said in a statement.

Cmdr said, “We have the great honor of saluting those who work on the lines of COVID-19’s response, we are impressed with your strength and flexibility.” Commander of the United States Navy Blue Angels and Flight Commander Brian Kesselring.

He said, “Thank you to all who are working in the industries necessary to advance our nation. We will get through this. We are all in the same boat.”

The Army said that the maximum formation in New York and Newark would be around 35 minutes from noon. Flight demonstrations at Trenton will begin at approximately 1:45 pm and last approximately 10 minutes. Philadelphia residents will be treated to a 20-minute performance that will begin around 2 pm.

The Navy and Air Force urged people on the flight path to monitor jets from domestic security and to maintain proper social distance protocols.

The military says that viewers “should avoid going to monuments, hospitals, and gathering in large groups.”

This was echoed by the Mayor of Philadelphia, Jim Kenny, who tweeted: “Please be safe if you choose to look outside to see the screen. Continue to follow social away directions.”

Philadelphia-based radio station KYW reports that some people, including the mayor of Philadelphia, are slightly concerned about spending resources on hover flying during the global epidemic.

“We could probably use the money for something other than employees and equipment,” Kenny told KYW. “But I’m not going to turn something positive into a negative. I hope people enjoy observation. I like to see these planes myself.”

The Department of Defense states that if the “America Strong” showcase aims to bring Americans together to fight the spread of coronavirus, it constitutes an important training opportunity for the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds.

“Pilots must fly for at least several hours to maintain their proficiency,” said a joint statement by the US Navy and the US Air Force. “These overlaps will not provide any additional cost to taxpayers.”

He said that the “most difficult phase of COVID-19” would be carried out in many areas of the country in the next two weeks.

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