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The Beatles Documentary To Release On Disney+

The Beatles are one of the most popular music groups in the history of music. The band made several records during their active career and continues to remain in the hearts of their millions of fans. The Beatles are going be coming back to your screen with The Beatles documentary. The documentary is titled The Beatles: Get Back. The documentary will be directed by the Oscar-winning director Peter Jackson. If you are The Beatles fans then this post is all about their upcoming documentary. Read on to know more details.

The Beatles Get Back Release Date

The Beatles Get Back documentary will be releasing on Disney+ in November. Disney had scheduled to release The Beatles: Get Back as a film, but changed the plan later on. The documentary will not be released as a three-part series on November 25th, 26th, and 27th. Free up your schedule to witness the journey of your favorite band The Beatles.

The Beatles Get Back Documentary: What is it about?

The documentary will feature footage of the band from their active career days. It will cover all the journeys of the popular stars and the fans will be able to witness over 60 hours of unseen footage along with restored audio. The best part about The Beatles’ documentary will be the last live performance as a group. The fans of The Beatles will be able to watch the unforgettable rooftop concert on London’s Savile Row for the first time.

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What to expect from the Beatles Get Back?


The documentary will be a special release. The Acclaimed filmmaker Peter Jackson will be heading  “The Beatles: Get Back” and will be presenting the unique cinematic experience to the audience. The audience can go back in time and can enjoy The Beatles’ intimate recording sessions during their peak career time. The viewers will be able to witness footage of the band from January 1969.

The special footage will be over 60 hours. The 150 hours of unheard audio, has also been brilliantly restored. “The Beatles: Get Back” will feature the members of the band and will focus on their story of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. The members will be seen writing and rehearsing their 14 new songs, that are intended to release on a live album. The film features The Beatles’ last live performance as a group.

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How long is the Beatles Get Back Movie?

The Beatles Get back movie is directed and formatted by Peter Jackson. The duration of the movie is 60 Hours of Unseen Footage and 150 Hours of Unheard Audio.

How to watch The Beatles Get Back documentary?

The filmmaker Peter Jackson revealed an exclusive sneak peek of his upcoming documentary “The BeatlesGet Back”. The fans can enjoy the preview before the release of the documentary.  The 5-minute special look of the documentary will be available to fans worldwide on TheBeatles.com. The documentary will release on Disney+ and you can subscribe to the platform to watch the series.

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