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Best Stocks Under $1 To Buy For September 2021!

People are trading stocks these days as they are volatile and help them to grow their business. If you want to earn big money, then buying and investing in stocks is a great choice. Penny stocks increase or decrease in value dramatically in the normal trading day.

For instance, if a $0.10 stock increases to $1, the investors can make a bit of cash. Here are some characteristics that you should look for before buying stocks.

  • Try to look for a quality exchange…if possible
  • Earnings per share
  • Trading volume

Best Stocks Under $1 with Potential

China XD Plastics Company Ltd. (NASDAQ: CXDC)

The Chinese market has a lot of investment potential. The value of their penny stocks is great and that is why many people are interested in buying them. China XD Plastics is one of the most popular stock companies that develop composite polymer materials.

The products made by the company are used in automotive manufacturing. The company is the biggest supplier of car brands around the world.

The increase in the demand for their products has been great for China XD Plastics. Their stocks have shot since August.  Auto manufacturers are manufacturing a wide variety of vehicles and that is why the demand for supplies has increased.

If you’re interested in trading Chinese penny stocks, then you shouldn’t miss out the chance to do so. Download the Webull app as it is an excellent trading app for the investors

Superior Drilling Products Inc. (NYSE: SDPI)

Superior Drilling Products is not a large enterprise but supplies good quality oil and gas. SDP makes products that other companies use to drill for gas. They are also the manufacturers of various types of machinery, that are used in manufacturing. The demand for oil and gas products has increased and this has helped to raise the demand of Superior Drilling Products. Superior Drilling Products’ revenue has increased up to 40 percent. Their market share has improved throughout the world. This company’s stock price is stable and its financial results are promising.

Best Stocks Under 1 Dollar That Pay Dividends

Chesapeake Granite Wash (OTC: CHKR)

The Chesapeake Energy Corporation has a market cap of $24.6 million. The trust is the owner of the Chesapeake’s oil and natural gas operations that are running in Oklahoma. Their share price has declined in 2020 but picked up in December. This stock has grown in the early summer. They also currently have a low price-earnings ratio. Their stocks are cheap as compared to other companies. However, the dividends of the company make them an attractive pick for some investors.

Biotech Stocks Under $1


Oragenics Inc. (NYSE: OGEN)

A large number of the US population has been vaccinated for the COVID-19, but the rise of the Delta variant has created a problem again. Companies like Oragenics have developed their version of a COVID-19 vaccine. 40 percent of people in the US are not vaccinated and vaccination is also required by many other countries.

The market for Oragenics’ vaccine is big and the company is a great choice for investment. The company partnered with the National Research Council of Canada and is working in the making of vaccine development. This vaccine is produced by Oragenics and their stocks have increased.

Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp. (NASDAQ: TNXP)

Tonix Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical company and focuses on treatments for and central nervous system conditions. The company is focusing on post-traumatic stress disorder, fibromyalgia, major depressive disorder, and Alzheimer’s disease patients.

These health conditions have limited treatment options. Tonix Pharmaceuticals is producing many drugs that could be life-changing for these patients. Tonix is making a single-shot COVID-19 vaccine, which will help to treat the ‘long COVID’ symptoms.

Although there are some vaccines and treatments for COVID-19 many companies are bringing their vaccine into the global market. Tonix stock price stocks have risen to 10 percent.  They are also expanding in the development facilities in New Bedford, MA, and Frederick, MD. Investors are monitoring the stock closely and will make investments if the situation is favorable.

Best Marijuana Stocks Under $1

TILT Holdings (OTC: TLLTF)

TILT Holdings is a company that produces products for marijuana brands. They provide essential support for the cannabis industry. They have other brands that include Standard Farms, which is a medical marijuana grower in Pennsylvania.

In the Canadian market, the company has a firm name of Sante Veritas Therapeutics. They also have their own marijuana brands. TILT works with cannabis companies all over the globe. Their market stocks have increased as the cannabis market is growing

Best Energy Stocks Under $1

Gran Tierra Energy (NYSE AMERICAN: GTE)

Gran Tierra Energy is a Canada-based company and it deals with oil and gas operations worldwide. Their biggest operations run in Ecuador and Colombia. The energy market has not been at its best in 2020. Many investors are waiting for the market to pick up again as the demand for oil and gas has increased.

Gran Tierra stopped their production in 2020 due to COVID restrictions, but its oil reserves have been stable. Some investors feel that their stocks are undervalued as compared to their production and earnings. Their stock price has gone up significantly and is less than $1.

Investview Inc. (OTC: INVU)

Investview is a fintech company. Their goal is to make investing and financial success accessible to everyone. They have three different brands. Their first brand, iGenius, is based on financial education tools. They help their clients to learn the art of investment. They also focus on cryptocurrencies and unique investment opportunities.

Their other brands are SAFETek, which is based on high-performance data technology, and SAFE Management. Many consumers are looking to invest in tools and solutions. People of all ages and are investing, in Investview’s tools could be helpful.

In recent months, Investview are focusing on developing their adaptive cryptocurrency. They are big investors and partners in ndau. The investors who wish to invest in the cryptocurrency market can pick this company to invest in.

Best Stocks Under $1: Conclusion

The above-mentioned stocks are the best stock under a dollar. We have tried a variety of catalysts and market events, so you can carry on your own and see what fits best for you.

Are there any stocks under a dollar that we didn’t mention? Are there any stocks that have a good growth potential that we should know about? Let us know in the comments below.

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