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Pokemon Go January 2020 Update Adds Shadow Moltres

The reality mobile games have become a part of our lives. Not even a day passes without us playing our favorite games. Kids and even adults these days are highly depended on mobile phones and instead of doing an outdoor activity and an outdoor game we prefer playing games on our mobile phones. We can’t deny the fact that these games our super entertaining and we can’t avoid trying them out. When we try playing them once or twice we get addicted and end up depending on them for our daily entertainment dose. Playing games on our smartphone can be fun and can get very exciting. And we all agree with that.

In this post, we will be telling you all you need to know about the Shadow Moltres January update for the game Pokemon Go. If you are an avid player of the game you need to read on to get all the details.

What is Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is a smart phone gaming application. The fun part in the game is that it combines the real world with the gaming world and nothing can get more exciting than this. Location technology and mapping technologies are used by the game to blend the reality and the game. You get into augmented reality and defeat and catch Pokeman players in locations that are real. The reality based games are very unique and different and they are played a lot more than the simple games that don’t have a reality based setup. Pokemon Go has millions of downloads and is a successful game for years now. People are addicted to the game and can’t help but to play it at least once in a day.

Pokemon Go January Updates

Niantic the creators of your favorite iOS and android game have sent out updated for the Pokeman Go for the month of January and there have been many surprising updates for gamers around the world. Pokemon Go would welcome the Ney year with a lot of exciting updates and the major inclusion would be the Shadow Moltres encounters in the game. Special research is carried out by Professor Willow each month and January would be no exception. The rocket special research carried out by the team of gamers would encounter Shadow Moltres for tracking down the Giovanni. The Legendary Shadow Moltres would be rescued by the gamers for the very first time in the history of the game.

Game Play of the Pokemon Go in the month of January

You are going to face Giovanni head to head. The boss of Team Go rocket would face you and challenge you when you play Pokemon Go in January. You will be there to rescue the shadow Moltres and would find tricks to defeat the boss. Tracking down Giovanni could get tougher this month because you will have to complete the research to be able to achieve the super rocket radar. The radar will allow you to track down the hidden spaces of Giovanni. Finding him could get tough because he doesn’t hide in places that can be found simply. The month of January will get some exciting new ventures because Giovanni will have Shadow Maltres in his party and you will rescue them after defeating the Giovanni.

Are you excited?

We are sure you are! Pokemon Go brings out the best and has never disappointed the gamers ever. With regular updates every month the beginning of year has come in with a lot of surprises. Alongside Shadow Maltres the manufacturers have also updated other things to make your gaming experience ever more exciting.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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