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Best Online Jobs That You Can Start In 2020

The way people are earning is rapidly changing and many people are doing online jobs to make money. According to the latest studies, 57 million Americans are doing online jobs to earn a living. Online jobs have become even more popular due to the pandemic COVID-19.

The job opportunities online can get very competitive and you need to work extra hard to find the right one for you. You have to visit various websites to find the perfect online job that pays you well and is also according to your preference. Here are a few online jobs that you can take up in 2020.

Social media manager

If you are experienced in running promotional campaigns on social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook then this job is perfect for you. A social media manager is hired by many businesses and the best part about it is that this job also pays you really well. Companies need social media managers to deal with their online promotional activities and also need someone professional who can manage the comments they get on their online promotional activities.

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Online Tutor

If you are an expert in English, Math, or some other subject then you can apply for an online tutor. You can take online classes and can teach students from around the world. Most job portals require you to at least have a bachelor’s degree so make sure that you match up to that requirement.

Personal Trainer


If you are good at working out and know proper exercise techniques that you can apply for the job of a personal trainer. You can coach and train people online on Skype Zoom and other social media platforms. The online job will let you practice your skills and gain some experience and it will also pay you well.

Freelance writer

If you are a good writer you can apply for writing jobs online. You can write for blogs and different web content. The freelance writing job is in high demand because there are many companies that are looking to hire writers for writing quality content for their website. You should have excellent writing skills if you want to be a successful content writer.

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Are you good at grammar and have the ability to fix disjointed sentences? If that is so then applying for a proofreading job can be a good idea. As a proofreader, you will be required to proofread the content and correct it if there are any mistakes. The publishers often hire proofreaders because this will allow them to publish error-free and quality content.

Music Reviewer

Music Reviewer is one of the most fun jobs that you can get online. A music reviewer allows you to enjoy your favorite music and also get paid for it. There are music companies who hire people to review music tracks and rate new albums. The feedback of the reviewers helps the artists to fine-tune and improves their music before releasing their music albums officially.

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