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6 Immediate Things that will make your Blog Alive Again!

A blog is not merely a content publishing platform; it can mean a lot more. It can be your online image, your personal expression or a chance to inform and entertain fellow netizens. But there are times when your blog can become stagnant and monotonous. The similar stream of posts and content can make your blog look like an old school. If lately, you have been feeling lazy or bored, it’s probably time to inject new life into your blog. Add some fresh breeze of air and make your blog alive all over again. Here are a few things that can help:

Guest Blogging:

Expand the horizon of your blog and start accepting guest blogs. If you blog holds a considerable ranking on the search engines and has a substantial reader base, you can invite fellow bloggers to be the part of this sharing spree. You can also encourage your loyal readers to write something for your blog. This will not only give you access to fresh content but will also improve reader engagement, giving them a fresh perspective towards your blog. You can post a guest blog weekly, giving yourself some rest from the to and fro updating of your blog.

Caption Contest:

If you have a loyal reader base already, starting a caption contest is a great way to increase user participation. Click a random image, draw a cartoon or search through the web for an impressive piece of photo art. Using some weird pictures of your own is also a great idea. Ask readers to caption the image on display and offer the winner some minimal prize. Be sure that you mention precise guidelines well in advance, to prevent the use of any kind of explicit or abusive language.

Spill The Beans:

Once you have established an online identity, the man behind the show is what people are most interested in. You may not reveal every minute detail about yourself, but sharing a little background definitely adds spice into your blog and makes it more intriguing for the readers. It will make your blog interesting, especially if you have not been in the norm of doing so.

Show Disagreement:

Pick any hot topic and disagree with the masses about it. For instance, choose to write in opposition of the political party favored by most of your readers. This will be like a wakeup call for both you and your readers. You can introduce your post by saying that you are playing devil’s advocate or trying to explore things with a new perspective. Perhaps publish a controversial post one day and deny its responsibility the other day, saying that it was just a test or experimental post. This will add a hint of adventure to your blog.

Image Assortment:

At times, images speak a lot more than words. Give rest to your vocabulary and post a series of images and pictures to create your own image assortment. Every blog has a space reserved for images- whether more or less. You can post motivational quotes that are out of norm or some funny cartoons related to your niche that can amuse your readers. Creating your own memes and using them in between paragraph breaks is a great idea.

List it Down:

Readers love lists, especially on blogs, so making some will definitely help. Make lists of every possible thing around you- chartbuster music, top coding tips, things to avoid in online marketing etc. Amaze and amuse your readers. Make them laugh and make them thing, which will make them read more. Your lists can be helpful as well as entertaining. Share what you know and take things one at a time.

Your blog can be many things, but one thing it should never be is monotonous and predictable. Readers never like to see anything that they are already aware of. You love your blog, make it interesting and others will fall in love with it too.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey, a curious soul from NY, is a technical, business writer, and journalist. Her passion lies in crafting well-researched, data-driven content that delivers authentic information to global audiences, fostering curiosity and inspiration.

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