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Top 10 Best Dating Apps for Relationships You Can Use In 2022

In this busy life we all want ourselves to be perfect regrading our personal and relationship lives but what’s dubious is: Are we even getting enough time to date a person separately and check our compatibility level with that one? Well, the answer is straight forward no!Then what? Here comes your smartphone that can be of great help to let you know and meet different people so you find yourself a good mate and live your life in peace (which is awfully doubtful). The mobile dating apps are largely used to get into serious relationships.

Dating apps and platforms have been in active state since the advances in technology, but the process of dating has not changed at all in 21st century as well. There are some dating apps that are in process of working but they need a lot of improvements. There has always been a stigma attached towards dating through third-parties or dating apps and to be completely honest dating apps suck at times. Some experiences are good in which people find their soulmates who can connect to them while some cases are recorded worst even. Besides this risk, these apps are becoming a normal way to meet and greet with other single people.

To help you find the way in this deluge, we have selected some best dating apps for relationships which offer unique experiences and accessibility to expert opinions. Hopefully, cupid’s arrow work in you favor and you find the love of your life, in the other case if you can’t, these apps will get you back on the horse in no time.

Dating apps work
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How Dating apps work?

Well, all the dating apps have similar features in common which includes location-based results, profiles and other methods of communication. All the dating apps that are on list have same features. The first one is location,it makes recommendations from your area but what matters is that the dating app must be popular in your area so as to find potential matches for you. Most of the big cities have decent delivery of potential matches but it solely depends on the popularity of app in your area. That is why, Tinder is so popular because it is widespread and allows a healthy selection of matches in most well-populated areas.

Before you head to create a profile on any dating app, the foremost recommendation to all the users is: to find an app with a larger user-base in your area. This not only helps you ensure that you have plenty of matches but you have higher chances of meeting a person who matches your compatibility level. The best way to meet people is through social gatherings and public events but we still made a list for lazy bluffers, who cannot get out of bed.


Bumble is one of those dating apps that waves the things well. It is both for homosexuals and straight people. It will match you like normal however women are encouraged to initiate first in 24 hours while the interest men will reciprocate the request in next 24 hours. In homosexual matches, anyone can initiate first but this brings out the most creepy people as well. However, it is difficult to identify whether this app is difficult for male users. The app delivers the best matches according to your area and help you find a compatible match.

Clover Dating:

Clover is an up-and-coming dating app which works traditionally. The app sets updates, events, join mixers and a lot more. Unlike others is offers a free chat. You can use this app to find a friend as well. This is a somewhat decent platform to find platonic love. It is not overly populated so you may find difficulty in reaching your area mate. The reviews are positive regarding this but some spams are often recorded as well. If you are patient enough for something good, this app is for you.

Coffee Meets Gabel:

Coffee Meets Gabel is one of the most famous datings apps out there. Every noon, men will be given a curated list of women in their area while women will be provided with that list too, but the list will prioritize men who have already expressed their interest. Matches will be provided with a private room in which they can talk and get to know about each other. This is also for LGBTQ folks who are looking for someone. It is clean and perfect for those who have a busy lifestyle and who cannot waste their time flicking through random profiles. You can also buy in-app currency to get perks like more visibility and other features.


Eventbrite is not a dating app intentionally but it became one unintentionally. Basically, these app purposes meet and greet plans and social gathering where one can go and have full-time enjoyment. It offers events, concerts, sports events, conventions and many more. You can go and attend the event and might end up dating a person, but definitely don’t be a creep about it and go with an intention to find love of your life. Besides everything, it is worth a try.

Facebook Dating:

Facebook Dating is, of course, dating on Facebook. You can go on to make a profile with your name and find people in suggestions whom you may or may not know. It is the easiest one where you can date a person and find their interests. The Facebook Dating app is another feature to the Facebook app, where you can find a person of your niche and date the same person in the usual Facebook app.


MeetMe is another location-based app which has a colorful interface and it is easy to use. It also boosts over 100 million downloads and uses between all the various other platforms and apps. The original intention of the app is to allow people to meet new ones and you can end up finding the love of your life. The main issue with this app is that fake profile are created and used which is the problem on every platform. Still, it is recommended for patient people and if you still cannot find something, get rid of it.


OkCupid is one of the most popular dating app out there. It is owned by Match group, owners of Tinder and It is more like a traditional dating app in which you will be asked multiple questions and based on the results, a similar match will be recommended for you. The dating app also has modern features in which you can swipe the profiles, you dislike. It will ask you to subscribe to a monthly payment plan to unlock all the good features. The app has some strict, ambiguous rules about some things and the app itself is occasionally slow and buggy. Otherwise, it is actually not half bad.

Plenty of Fish (POF):

POF is definitely among the best dating apps. It offers you to join, message and engage with people for free. But this free thing is hogwash because you have to pay for advanced features. It works pretty well and the issues seen as not too drastic as well.


Tinder is essentially a modern dating app and it is most popular among all. It has modern features like each time you open the app, It refreshes the wall for you and provides you with new profiles which if you like can get in touch to and if you dislike you can just swipe away. The app offers everything, from friendship to dating and even one night stands. If you have chosen a match for you, it will even provide you with a separate room where you can converse with your match and get to know more about them. There are some bugs and spam accounts but it is a good platform to start with. The massive popularity of the app assures the users that they can find their match easily according to their area.

Chat room apps:

Chat room apps is alike the other dating apps and it can be a decent dating app if you are a right type of person. It provides with enormous chat rooms where you can enter and chat with people who have same interests as you and find the match of your fascination. This mobile dating app works best for relationships either short term or long term.

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