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Beni Arashiro Net Worth, Bio, Age, Relationships & Career

Beni Arashiro is a popular Japanese R&B singer. She was signed up by Avex Trax label and later transferred to Universal Music Japan. Her talent and melodious voice are loved by one and all while the label helped her start the music career. Most people know that she is best known for ‘Here Alone. All her other singles that were released under Universal Music Japan became even more popular. One of her most prominent singles includes Mō Ichi do with Dohzi-T, Mō Nido to and Kiss, Kiss Kiss. Namie Amuro, Alicia Keys, and Janet Jackson are her idols. She has always been good friends with many Japanese artists including Crystal Kay. If you want to have more details regarding her personal and professional life continue to read one below:

Bio and Early Life

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Beni was born on March 30th, 1986 in Japan while she is 34 years old currently. Her mother is Japanese while her father is half-Japanese. Beni is the first member of the all-girl Bishojo Club 31. However when the label found her talented enough she started to pursue her solo career. It is not surprising why talent runs in her blood as she belongs to a musical family. At a young age, she took the challenge to learn piano. She was interested in both Japanese and overseas music as her parents loved them both.

Since childhood, it was her dream to become a professional singer, and her parents fully supported her. Beni participated in the Kokuminteki Bishojo Contest. It happens to be the largest talent competition in Japan. She made her way into the finals even though she didn’t have any formal training in music. Beni Graduated from Nile C. Kinnick High School in Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan. Her height is five feet and three inches.

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As she wanted to pursue her career in music Beni released her demo tape. It is presented to some of the most prominent labels that help artists grow musically. Even though her singing style was a little rough she still managed to impress Universal Music Japan. Her melodious voice helped her get a chance to begin a successful singing career. The first four singles in her career include Harmony, Infinite, Here Alone, and Miracle. Her first album, Beni, was released in 2005 and it boasts of pop styles, straight dance music, and gospel.  In addition to music, she makes frequent appearances on television. She has also become the brand ambassador of various companies including Takara, Jockey, and Kosei Cosmetics.

Songs and Albums

  • Beni (2005)
  • Girl 2 Lady (2006)
  • Gem (2007)
  • Bitter & Sweet (2009)
  • Lovebox (2010)
  • Jewel (2010)
  • Fortune (2011)
  • Covers (2012)
  • Covers 2 (2012)
  • Red (2013)
  • Covers 3 (2013)
  • Undress (2015)
  • CINEMATIC (2018)
  • Y/our Song (2020)
  • Made In Love (2020)

Net Worth

The total net worth of Beni happens to be around $1-$5 million. She has gained all this name and fortune through her singing career. It is not surprising that she is one of the top artists in Japan. Beni is active on social media and loves to post various photos. She has maintained a good image and free of any controversies.

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