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Shooter (2020) Full Punjabi Movie leaked by Tamilrockers & Filmywap

Shooter is a Punjabi language movie inspired by real life incidents and events. The film was recently leaked by Tamilrockers and is available to watch for free on the website. The Punjabi film industry has become one of the most loved industries in India besides Bollywood and people love to watch Punjabi movies even outside Punjab. Punjabi actors and actresses have also managed to become popular all over India and people are keen on watching new Punjabi movies. The shooter was one of the most awaited movies in Punjab but it got itself involved in a lot of controversies.

The controversies led the movie to gain more attention and people got more interested to find out what the movie was all about.

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Shooter 2020 watch online on Tamilrockers and Filmywap

Tamilrockers and Filmywap are illegal piracy sites that allow the users on the internet to watch entertainment content for free. The websites offer high quality content to stream without any registration process. Many people are inclined towards watching movies online for free and that is the biggest reason for the bad business of movies on the box office.

Tamilrockers is a leading online piracy site on the internet and it has been banned by the Indian government. The website keeps coming back with a new domain name and continues to run successfully. Tamilrockers recently leaked the high controversial Punjabi movie Shooter and it is available to watch for free before its release.

Filmywap is also a piracy website that has movies and TV shows from different countries available to stream for free. The website regularly updates its home page and many new movies are added to the list every day. It recently leaked Shooter and you can download the movie and watch it in HD quality.

What is the storyline and plot of Shooter?

The Punjabi film shooter revolves around a young guy who gets lost in the bad world of crime and gangsters. He chooses the path of gangs and crimes and gets involved in the life of sins. The guy is attracted to the bad world and wants to live like a king and rule the world. He loses all his loved ones during his sinful journey and meets a sad end. When he realizes that he is on the wrong path his disastrous end had already captured him. The film gives out a lot of life lessons to people and gives a positive message of staying away from the dark world of guns and crimes.

Why was Shooter banned by the Punjab government?

The movie shooter got into a controversy and was banned by the Punjab government. The film was banned because it promoted violence which is not a good thing for the youth of Punjab. The Chief Minister of Punjab banned the movie and the producers of the movie are facing a lot of problems to get a release date. The fans and Punjabi Cinema has divided opinions about the release of the movie and a decision is still not made whether the film will be releasing in the theaters or not.

Which actors are playing significant characters in Shooter?

Shooter has relatively new actors playing the lead characters but all of them have done a decent job. The main cast of Shooter includes:

  • Vadda Grewal
  • Jayy Randhawa
  • Shubh Sandhu
  • Swaalina

When is Shooter releasing in the theaters?

Shooter was initially scheduled to release on 21st February 2020 but it was banned by the Punjab government for promoting violence. The producers and director of the movie haven’t been able to get the ban lifted and they are still looking for ways to release the movie. You can watch the movie for free on Tamilrockers and Filmywap.

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