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Benefits of wearing clothes made from Himalayan Wool (aka Yak Fiber)

Himalayan wool is a cloth made in Himalayan and is hand-woven. The cloth is produced in Himachal Pradesh and the artisans from the region create the material with hand in their houses. The wool fabric is called best Patti in the region’s language and the magnificent cloth is the result of the hard work and efforts of the regional professional artisans of the Kinnaur village. The rural artisans create a handmade cloth that is sold to urban sellers and the one of a kind cloth is a top selling cloth material in big and urban cities.

Features of Himalayan wool fabric


Himalayan wool fabric is most suitable to wear in the winter season. It is a kind of material that doesn’t make the body too warm and the body’s temperature is maintained properly. The fabric is lightweight and can also be worn in the summers.

Flexible and resilient

The cloth is flexible and can be stretched and is very flexible. The cloth is able to maintain its shape well and the crease recovery is great.


The wool fabric is long lasting and is durable enough to be with you for an extended time. They don’t rip off or get torn apart easily.

Dyes readily

Te best part about the wool fabric is that they can be dyed in different colors. The light color of the fabric makes it possible for the cloth to be dyed in various vibrant colors.

Some types of Himalayan wool fabric

These are some types of Himalayan fabric:


This is a type of cloth which has a carved or looped surface


It consists of a wool fabric which is soft and has a nap on both or only one of the sides


Gabardine is a material which is made of tough wool has got diagonal ribs on every side


This consists of a fabric which is neatly woven and there is also an innovative pattern on it


A fabric created of mid weight or a wool fabric which is heavy and consists of different patterns and colors.


Twill is a fabric which is fine and creative and is really durable and strong

Benefits of wearing Himalayan wool

These types of fabrics are very high in demand especially when it comes to making clothes. Although there are special types of wools which can be used for making clothes Himalayan wool is certainly one of the very best. The speciality of this wool is that it comes from the sheep which resides in the Himalayas and the weather conditions in these mountains are known to be very harsh. Here are some of the benefits

  • The fabric made with Himalayan wool is breathable to wear.
  • The best thing about this wool is that it can keep you cool and warm at the same time depending on the weather conditions
  • The wool is strong, easily flexible and stretchable at the same time and nothing will happen to it even if you wash it
  • It is soft as compared with other forms of wool and won’t make you itch
Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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