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World of Warcraft Shadowlands: Mythic+ Tips You Want To Know

Since its launch, Shadowlands has even captivated many World of Warcraft players with its diverse and exotic atmosphere. Since the first week, thousands of players still tour the magical world of Shadowlands. Rather than leveling, the game’s Mythic dungeon and raids have also been made many times by passionate players.

Mythic dungeons are the most challenging part of the game, and they get harder as the level increases. Along with Shadowlands, powerful raids and dungeons were presented to the players. Although some unique tactics will be useful for you, we can say that if you do not have a good and expert team, your job is quite difficult.

Especially as the level of Mythic dungeons increases, they can be tough to finish, and they require a high ilvl. That’s why we do even the most difficult Mythic dungeon in a short time with our world-class Mythic 10 carry services.

We have listed for you the most important tips and tricks about all Shadowlands dungeons in World of Warcraft. We hope that you can now make Mythic difficulty dungeons easier with this information!

1.   De Other Side

  • Because Hakkar‘s shield represents damage taken by players or mobs, it may be lowered or immuned by defenses such as Survival of the Fittest, Anti-Magic Zone.
  • Arcane Lightning always jumps to the person closest to it. If there is someone with many stacks on them, you need to stay away from that person because it can jump to you as well.
  • If you defeat the boss on the green orb and then repeatedly click the orb when it appears, you may skip the channeling RP and save a few seconds on the countdown.
  • To block Manastorms from casting, use Echo Finger Laser X-treme (Z ability) and Shadowfury (purple circle around one person).
  • If you are an engineer in the game, you can stop the three rivers of blobs by pressing the button on the left when you enter the room.
De Other Side is one of the hardest but fun dungeons in WoW
De Other Side is one of the hardest but fun dungeons in WoW

2.   The Necrotic Wake

  • To disable necromancers in NW, you can reset them. Hunters can reset mobs using multi-shots and feign, while Rogues can reset mobs with attack into vanish.
  • You may immunize the death exile cast of the last boss in NW using simple immunities like Divine Shield or Ice Block, as well as a Warlock gateway and Priest Leap of Faith in the Nalthor the Rimebinder boss. Before entering the gateway, make sure the cast’s projectile is about to hit you. Keep in mind that when the debuff expires, you will perish.
  • In the Amarth boss, tank the boss close to the edges for the adds to spawn closer.
  • Also, using CC on this boss makes it easier to kill spawned adds; They despawn during the harvest attack and do not do extra damage.
Necrotic Wake is a challenging WoW dungeon
Necrotic Wake is a challenging WoW dungeon

3.   Sanguine Depths

  • You can skip the Insatiable Brute without the Invisible Pot or the Shroud before the first boss chamber; all you have to do is wait for it to pass through the passage.
  • In Kryxis, the Voracious, the Juggernaut, and the Smash can be easily dodged, affecting 80 yards, which Mages and Hunters can easily do.
  • You’ll have it ready for Gloom Squall cast if you use the Shining Radiance shield at the start of the pull at the time of Gauntlet in General Kaal.
  • Also, in General Kaal, if the second person raced to from wicked rush is moving, they can avoid the bleed.
  • If you Feign during the channel, you can Feign Castigate. The cast before the channel is likewise affected by spell reflection. The boss will continue to channel, but no damage will be done.
Sanguine Depths is done quickly when it is done right
Sanguine Depths is done quickly when it is done right

4.   Spires of Ascension

  • To boost damage, the Forsworn Mender will buff themselves with a weapon that may be dispelled and picked up by a member of your party.
  • If Forsworn Skirmisher mobs bouncing around disturbs the tanks and pulls extra mobs, tanks can happen to lose track of them, they will come to you, and their bounces will not pull extra mobs.
  • In the Devos, if your party is stacked and there’s a wall behind you, the boss’s charge won’t go very far from you, and that will increase your melee DPS.
  • The debuff drops at the end of the fight on the three mobs before the final boss. You can use the Feign Death, Vanish, and Invis skills to release the debuff at high stacks if you need to.
  • In the Forsworn Goliath, Rebellious Fist will not be cast until after the next Recharge Anima if you can shatter the shield on Recharge Anima before the mob reaches 50 animas.
Spires of Ascension is a dungeon belongs to the Ascent
Spires of Ascension is a dungeon belongs to the Ascent

5.   Plaguefall

  • You don’t need to get yourself damaged in a heavy fight. Only tanks need to soak mob abilities in Margrave Stradama.
  • If you can pull the second or third mob wave at the start of Ickor Bileflesh, you won’t have to deal with mob abilities. In this way, it will be easier to fight the boss.
  • In Globgrog, Slime Wave may be baited with melee, so the entire group isn’t compelled to move.
  • Unstable Canister and Rigged Plagueborer explosions damage both players and mobs, so if you use it wisely and tactically, it can come in handy.
  • In Slime Tentacle, you can prevent Crushing Embrace by using CC. You need to be very careful with this because most players die from carelessness due to the plague explosions on the way to the second boss.
Plaguefall is a dungeon belongs to Maldraxxus
Plaguefall is a dungeon belongs to Maldraxxus

6.   Halls of Atonement

  • While in Shard of Halkias, you can dodge the Trash skill cast. The range of this ability is 30 yards. If you do this by outrange, you may save the lives of roles like healer. Tanks can also outrange Crumbling Slam.
  • In Lord Chamberlain, by stepping slightly inside the boss’s hitbox, you can double or triple soak the beams after the doors of shadows.
  • You can prevent the first two mobs from coming to you just before the dungeon starts, with everyone in the party completely still after the key is inserted. If anyone in the party moves, the mobs will be triggered, and it won’t be in your favor.
  • In Stoneborn Slasher, you can outrange the Powerful Swipe cast.
Halls of Atonement is a very dark but fun dungeon in WoW
Halls of Atonement is a very dark but fun dungeon in WoW

7.   Theater of Pain

  • In Dessia the Decapitator, you can stop his Raging and Fixate if you use “soothing.
  • Also, in Raging Bloodburn, Raging Tantrum cast can be prevented if you use “soothing” or “tranquilizing shot.”
  • If you stun Xira the Underhanded with a Freezing trap or Imprison, it stays like that forever and does nothing.
  • After the first boss and before Xav the Unfallen, Frost and Blood Death Knights can mind-control the Ancient Captain. It gives everyone in the group a 2% flat damage boost and a 5% avoidance bonus.
  • If you use all portals up to Kul’tharok, you will restore all of your health.
  • If you use anything that makes you untargetable in Kul’tharok, you will be able to prevent your spirit from getting pulled.
Theater of Pain is one of most loved dungeons in Wow
Theater of Pain is one of most loved dungeons in Wow

8.   Mists of Tirna Scithe

  • To find the right way in Mists of Tirna Scithe, you can mark every passing boss and also see the next doors she takes.
  • Tongue Lashing minibosses can be easily outranged. They have a range of 12 yards. When they use their skill, it can be done quickly if the tanks move a certain distance away.
  • Hunters and any ranged spell can drag the pack through the window to the right. If you need to go right, this combines two pulls into one.
  • In Tred’ova, if your healer can heal the damage while avoiding the huge swirls, it’s recommended not to disrupt Consumption, even if you can, because the boss can’t use any of her other mechanics while doing so.
  • And in Tred’ova, A green swirly will always mark your starting position. Make sure you don’t dodge the same method twice.
Mists of Tirna Scitche is a dungeon belongs to Ardenweald
Mists of Tirna Scitche is a dungeon belongs to Ardenweald
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