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Bendy and the Dark Revival Chapter 1: Release Date, Gameplay, Plot & Other Updates

Bendy and the Dark Revival Chapter 1 is a first-person survival that revolves around the horror genre. The kindly beast is the developers of the game and there is going to be a smooth and well-made gameplay and plot. Bendy and the Dark Revival as the name suggests is coming out with a new game and the updates are going to be unique. There have been rumors that the new game is going to be a lot scarier than the previous games so hold your breath and wait for the release date. If you are curious to know more details about the game keep reading the article below.

What is Bendy and the Dark Revival chapter 1 all about?

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Bendy and the Dark is going to be a new edition in the Bendy series and if you have already played it you will know already how good it is. The developers have already cleared it that the game is neither going to be a sequel or prequel and it will have a brand new story. Bendy and the Ink Machine were loved by the audience and with this new, their expectations remain very high. Recently a trailer was released and we can notice that we have a new lead named Audrey and the baddie will be new as well. The name of the villain is the Ink monster.

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How many chapters will be there in Bendy and the Dark Revival Chapter 1?

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Bendy and the dark revival will have a total of 5 chapters and all of them will reveal a new twist altogether. The developers have already made sure that the new game will be a lot scarier than before. The gameplay will be easy and the graphics are also going to be intense. You can watch the trailer for yourself and decide how it is.

How is the gameplay of Bendy and the dark revival chapter 1?

Bendy and the dark revival is a puzzle game that features the horror genre. The players will have to explore the gaming area and guide the main character to reach the correct spot. Henry has to pass through the halls of Joey Drew Studios. The game is played from a first-person point of view and the character has to use a variety of weapons to solve this difficult and scary puzzle. The core mechanism of the game will remain intact and we don’t have to see any changes.

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When is Bendy and the dark revival chapter 1 releasing?

Bendy and the dark revival chapter 1 will be releasing at the end of the year. The game was delayed a little due to coronavirus. As things get better the development of the game will become fast. There are some new implementations and updates in the game due to which it was delayed a little. All the chapters are going to release one by one so the players can feel at ease and keep exploring each chapter with perfection. The game will release on various platforms including PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The official release date is yet to be released and we will wait till any such information arrives at us. Keep checking this space for more.

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