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BattleBots Season Tenth, Plot, Release Date, Cast & More Details

BattleBots season tenth will be soon making its way to Discovery Channel. The show has been a hit among the audience and has managed to complete nine seasons. The season tenth was about to premiere this year but due to the pandemic things were out of schedule. According to the channel the filming has again begun but the social distancing will remain to be important. If you have been watching this reality series you will know what it is about. Now we will discuss all the details regarding BattleBots.

What is the plot of BattleBots Season Tenth?

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The plot of BattleBots revolves around a robot combat competition where you will find a builder and bot face. They are up against each other for a three minute round and it is very intense and interesting. The main target of the team is to work against their opponent robot and disable or damage them. If there is no clear winner after one intense battle session it is up to the judges to choose one winner. The two contestants have to work hard so the competition can reach a conclusion. The tenth season is going to be huge as a total of sixty teams will be participating in this combat. The contestants are going to be a mix of legendary champions as well as rookies. It is going to be an intense session and everyone is going to enjoy it a lot.

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Who are the contestants in BattleBots season tenth?

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There are going to be a total of sixty contestants and the battle is going to be intense.There are some competitors who are champions and have a lot of experience with the game. The rookies may not have much experience but they will do their best in robot gaming. The winner will be getting a Giant Nut at the end which is going to be a big prize. The panel of judges will include Chris Rose and he will be doing a live commentary along with UFC fighter Kenny Florian. Jenny Taft will be coming in as a reporter while Faruq Tauheed will be coming in as an announcer. Some robots that are joining in include the following:

  • Whiplash
  • SawBlaze
  • Lock-Jaw
  • Bloodsport
  • Skorpios

What is the release date of BattleBots season tenth?

BattleBots season tenth will be releasing on Discovery Channel on December 3rd, 2020. If you have been following the previous seasons you are going to enjoy it a lot. The builders from around the world will be taking part in it. You will be surprised to know that all the robots are built with customization of the arsenal. At the end of the game, the winners are going to get the giant Nut which is going to be very memorable for one and all. The host and ring announcer makes it even more interesting with their fun commentary. The judges also have a big task to play as they will choose the winner if the rounds don’t get satisfactory results. It is going to come out soon so don’t forget to watch it!

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