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Barack Obama Net Worth, Personal Life & Rise to Presidency

Barack Obama is a former senator from Illinois and everyone knows him well for being the former44th president of the United States. He served his full term at Illinois and happens to be the first-ever African American President of the United States. The Obamas were not really rich since the beginning but they first became millionaires in 2005. Fortunately, Barack has been earning a lot in terms of royalties and entered the political spotlight. Now we will talk about the personal and professional life details about the former President so you can get to know him better.

Early Life/Biography

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Barack Hussain Obama was born in Hawaii on 4th August 1961. He is the only prominent US president who is a black American and born in an unusual state of America leaving beside the other 48 states. Surprisingly his mother was from a different descendent altogether as she was German, Swiss, Scottish, and Irish. She met Obama Sr. Obama’s father when they were taking Russian classes together. Father of Barack Obama hailed from Kenya and he was married at that time when he met Ann. Barack Sr and Ann got married in 1961 and right after six months, Obama was born.

Barack grew up very well and since his childhood, he was a bright child. He graduated from High school in 1979 and went to Harvard for further studies. Harvard Law School was where he completed his degree in law and once he was done with it he started working as a community organizer. He also got a chance to work as a civil rights attorney in Chicago. If this isn’t enough he also got the opportunity to teach constitutional law at the University of Chicago from 1992-2004.

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Personal Life, Wife, and Kids

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During the summer of 1989, Barack happened to meet his lady love and the situation is quite interesting. He was working at a Chicago Law firm and Michele Robinson was working as an advisor. They both fell in love and got engaged in 1991 and since then there is no looking back. They both got married in October 1993. They both have two daughters named Malia Obama and Sasha Obama. Obama is a family man and loves to spend time with his daughters and wife. The relationship between Obama and Michele has been a true inspiration for many and despite being a President he has stayed loyal with her all these years.

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Rise to presidency

Barack served as a senator from 1997-2004 and it was just the beginning of his rise to the presidency. He also served in the US senate for about three long years. There was no looking back as due to his popularity he became a rising star in Democratic Party as well. In 2007 Barack announced that he will be running for presidential elections. At that point in time, he was up against Hillary Clinton but he defeated all the opponents and emerged as a true winner.

Net worth

During the early few years especially till 2004, Barack could earn much but surprisingly his net worth started to drastically increase after 2005. When he became a US senator he could earn more than usual and his total income was about $1.2 million. During this time period, he started publishing some of the most famous books and that earned him royalties of big amount. In February 2017 the income of Barack and Michelle got $60 million in advance for the autobiographies they released. The total net worth of Obama happens to be $70 million barack obama quotes.

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