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3 Apps to Backup Android App and Game Data Easily

There are many instances when we experience phone crashing and we have no other choice but to reset the phone. Hard resetting is the only option to bring back your phone back to life. When we do hard setting the phone turns into the factory state and all the data and applications get deleted from the internal memory of the phone. When your phone is in the factory state you can download all new apps and games all over again from the play store. You can’t be happy with just getting back your phone because now a storm struck your head telling you that you have lost all your game data. You can’t help but be annoyed that you have spent so many hours playing the game and have scored high scores and now you have to start the game all over again.

It has happened to all of us once in a while and we all can relate to the torture we go through when we have gone back to the zero scores. The torture and pain of losing your game data can be stressful and our experts have done extensive research to find ways to preserve your precious game data even when your phone crashes. Let’s have a look at ways you can back up your game data.

Apps to Backup Android App and Game data

Helium-App-sync and backup

Helium is one of the best apps that a gamer can ever find. It is available for free and you don’t have to do any kind of rooting. The tool helps you to backup your app files to your SD card or some other device. Helium can also help you to sync all your data to some other device that you are using separately. If you have just bought your new phone you can easily sync your data from your old phone to your new phone and enjoy games on your brand new phone. All you have to do is download and install the helium and choose the backup file option. The good news is that you can schedule your backup time and you don’t have to remember backing up. Helium is probably one of the best solutions for backing up your data. It is easy to use and free to download and use.

Titanium backup

Titanium backup is a great backup tool but the bad point is that it is only compatible for users with a rooted device. If your device is not rooted then helium is the best back up app for you but if your android device is rooted you can use Titanium backup because it is great. Titanium backup comes with great features and you can back up the files and then restore it later at any time you want. Your game data will automatically get stored and you wouldn’t lose it forever. The app offers a scheduled backup and the data in your device is scheduled to backup from time to time which helps you to preserve your game data.

Game Progress Data

Game Progress Data is another exceptional app that helps you to back up your game data. The users that don’t have a root can use this app without any problems. The best part about this app is that it lists all the downloaded games on your phone and with just one click you can backup game data of all your installed games. The app might not be great for backing up data for all the games stored in your device but it will work perfectly for all the major games.

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