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Simplify the Attendance at Work with KENT CamAttendance

A comprehensive employee attendance program can play a strategic role in helping you track the working hours of employees, ensuring that the rules and regulations are not violated. A sophisticated online attendance management system becomes important in a digital work environment. Along with ensuring the visibility of employees, an online attendance management system can streamline enforcement.


Investing in technology to streamline internal processes helps organizations reduce costs and achieve higher operational efficiency.

What is an Online Attendance Management System?

Often referred to as smart solutions, an online attendance management system helps monitor the time spent in the workplace by an employee. It prevents employee time theft by tracking employee working hours, login time, departures, breaks, and time-off. An effective online attendance management system is important as it will help reduce the time spent by HR managers and finance officers on administrative and attendance management activities.

To simplify the attendance at work, opt for KENT CamAttendance; the next-gen touchless attendance system is based on a facial recognition algorithm.

Here are the following features of the machine that will help in simplifying the task of attendance at work:

  1. Touchless Benefit

As the technology is improving, many organizations opt for a face recognition-based attendance system that makes use of an AI-based computer vision technology to capture and recognize an employee’s face and mark attendance. Apart from helping the employers keep on track of the employees’ attendance, it also ensures security. It is a smart system that denies entry to any person who is not registered to enter the organization’s office.

  1. Scalability and Data Security

This online attendance management system is managed by a secure cloud application that stores employee records and employee photos. It allows HR to easily view and access the data from the cloud and keep track of employees’ attendance records. Hence, making the data secure.

  1. Ensures an Easy Maintenance of Attendance Records

Manual data entry of employees’ attendance records takes up a lot of time; a facial recognition-based attendance system is convenient. Especially for medium and large-scale organizations, an online attendance management system is a saviour for marking employees’ attendance. Devices like KENT CamAttendance, with their efficient data processing, provide an accuracy rate of more than 99% for facial recognition.

  1. Easy Integration with HRMS

Every well-established organization has an HRMS or Human Resource Management Software that helps in handling internal HR functions. An efficient HRMS helps navigate the modern work processes of a company from payroll and attendance to recruiting, making it an important management software. This next-gen device offers seamless integration with the existing HRMS at no additional cost.

  1. Face Recognition

The online attendance management system enables the employees to clock in, record breaks, and clock out after completing the workday using the facial recognition feature. It is vital for attendance management. Attendance machines that use facial recognition reduce the chance of clocking in for fraud. Another striking feature of the attendance management system is the real-person detection where you can differentiate between an actual person and a photograph.

  1. Deployment Across Various Sites

An online attendance management system like the KENT CamAttendance can be easily deployed across various floors or locations within the same commercial location. As a result, all the data is collected and accumulated in one place, allowing them to check attendance and simplify the payroll task.

Think Smart with Online Attendance Management System

Installing a new-age facial recognition attendance system will be beneficial for your organization in the long run. Advanced attendance management systems like KENT CamAttendance is reliable and helps in improving the work environment. Go for KENT CamAttendance and provide optimum security to your employees and organization.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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