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ArmaKleen M-100 BCR (Baked on Carbon Remover) – A Caustic Free, Low-pH Super Cleaner

Environmental concerns are rising with every passing day and every sector is trying to make things green and environmental-friendly. The same is being carried out in the industries and commercial sectors. As industries require machinery and other equipment to do their productions and other processes, the thorough cleanliness of the parts is mandatory for their supreme performance. For decades, solvent-based cleaners are used for cleaning industrial and commercial parts, but there are many factors (such as toxic chemicals usage) that make such cleaners hazardous for machinery, employees, and the environment.

To let industries meet environmental regulations with effective parts cleaning, ArmaKleen has come up with a list of aqueous cleaning products that provide safer, quality, and cost-effective cleaning solutions. ArmaKleen has proven aqueous cleaning products that include Bio 24, 4 in 1 Cleaner, M-100 BCR, Universal Paint Gun Cleaner, MM-Recycle, Rust Remover, M-Defoamer HD, and many more. All of the ArmaKleen products are exceptional, but ArmaKleen M-100 BCR (Baked on Carbon Remover) is one of the revolutionary products of ArmaKleen. M-100 BCR is an aqueous cleaner formulated as low pH and caustic free super cleaner for attacking and removing baked-on carbon and other heavy soils.

M-100 BCR (Baked on Carbon Remover)

ArmaKleen M-100 BCR is a cleaner with low-pH that functions as a caustic cleaner but does not use caustics. It effectively removes baked-on carbon and other heavy soils from cast aluminum engine blocks, steel, and other aluminum alloy equipment and soft metals.


The following are the key features of M-100 BCR that make it an ideal choice for removing baked-on carbon:

  • Caustic Free, Low-pH Cleaner: It is a safer aqueous cleaner that outclasses caustic cleaners in terms of performance without causing any damage to the substrate. It shows a pH range of 9.8-10.0 at a 10% solution.
  • Super Concentrated: Its recommended concentration is 10%, but it is also effective for lower concentrations.
  • Versatile: It has versatile usefulness, as it can be used in ultrasonic, spray, and immersion applications.
  • Low VOCs: It fulfills all the standards of air quality for VOC emissions at 30% or lower concentration.
  • Non-Flammable: It is non-flammable, which eradicates fire hazards and brings more safety for employees.
  • Multi-Metal Safe: It can clean brass, aluminum, copper, cast iron, steel, and other alloys at the same time without discoloring or impacting their surfaces.
  • Rust Preventative: It provides a short duration rust prevention for steel surfaces between operations and during storage. The rust prevention duration is associated with environmental storage conditions.
  • No Phosphates/Nitrites: It does not involve phosphates or nitrites, making it safe for the environment and the employees.

ArmaKleen M-100 BCR not just effectively cleans parts and removes baked on carbon and other heavy soils, but it also brightens aluminum, making it look like to be in new condition. Therefore, compared to other solvent-based hazardous cleaners, M-100 BCR ensures effective cleaning under economical rate, while completely complying with the air quality and other standards.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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