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Looking For Alaska Review: Is The Series Worth The Watch?

Looking for Alaska is an American drama miniseries that is based on the novel written by John Green. He has written the famous novel fault in out stars forever and looking for Alaska is probably a better novel that features a young adult story. The story is heart-wrenching and the characters are interesting too so and that is why Looking for Alaska is worth the watch. It has gained a lot of popularity among fans across the globe. Here is the review of the series so you can decide whether you should watch it or not.

Review on Looking for Alaska

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Looking for Alaska is a dark story about teenagers and it is one of the best series that has been adapted by the novel. The series is a good choice for both who have or haven’t read the novel by John Green. His style of writing the novel is reflected in the drama series as well. Some audiences feel that it is better to read the novel before watching the series. However, it is a fun ride no matter what you do. Youth can connect with the storyline as it depicts them in a perfect way.

There are no complicated stories or supernatural incidents and the story is just simple and easy to understand. The story is good and it revolved around a group of friends and how their life shapes up before and after the mishap. The suffering of teenagers, shock, loss, and guilt is shown in a perfect way. At times you do feel that the teenagers should be thinking too deeply and invest time in other entertaining things too but nothing goes out the line and goes with the flow. The story has a deep meaning and the direction is very good as well. You can try watching as it will give you a good time.

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What is the plot of Looking for Alaska?

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The story of Looking for Alaska revolves around a regular teenage boy named Miles Halter. He loves to read every bit of literature and is a complete nerd. He is inspired by a Greek author and moves to Orlando to finish school. He meets a group of friends and they become a part of his life. Life takes a turn when these friends move up against some wealthy students called the weekday warriors. Chip Martin (nickname The Colonel), Takumi Hikohito, and Alaska Young become the best of friends but they didn’t know how much danger is awaiting them.

They get into pranks and verbal fights with the weekday warriors but things get serious when two students get eliminated from school. They plan to take revenge from Chip and his friends and when all these things are going on Miles gets attracted to Alaska. He didn’t know that she is carrying a huge secret of burden within her. Miles wants her to open up but it seems that she is too much into her guilt and doesn’t want to say anything. The relationship is romantic and platonic at the same time but once the huge tragedy strikes all the things are in for a toss. All teenagers learn to accept the challenges and accept the way life was going for them.

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