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American Idol Season 19 Release Date, Auditions & Other Updates

American Idol is coming with season 19 and the aspiring singers and fans of the show are very happy. The auditions of the show will be happening virtually but it is going to be a grand affair for sure. It has been a very famous singing competition where contestants from different parts of the world participate together and have their eyes on the winning trophy. The judges are going to hold an audition digitally which will cover 50 states of the USA. The dates of audition have been released by the ABC network and they have released it officially during press meet. We have gathered all the details about the hit singing reality television show.

American Idol Season 19 goes digital

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American Idol is coming with a season 19 and the show has come a long way due to its popularity but this time ABC network has got the rights. They will air the show digitally and it is going to be the third season for them to telecast on their network. The past few seasons have gotten very high ratings for ABC and have become the number one show on the channel too. American Idol will be back as a digital masterpiece and it will have one of the most talented contestants. The show has gotten bigger than before and it is the first time auditions are being held in 50 states all across the USA.

The aspiring singers can showcase their talent and give their luck a chance with this singing competition. There is no doubt that the singing reality show has made a mark for itself for a very long time. Everyone loves to watch the series as it values true talent. If some people couldn’t make it to the stage as yet there is now a chance as the show is getting bigger this time. There is a bigger platform as more states are included to look for real talent.

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In which locations the auditions of American Idol Season 19 going to be held?

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American Idol will be holding its auditions by selecting contestants from all these states. You can check the locations to see if it is coming to your state or not. It will give you a good opportunity to showcase your singing talent in front of the American Idol producers and judges.

  • Delaware, Florida, and Ohio (Aug 10)
  • Louisiana, Missouri, and Wisconsin (Aug 12)
  • Arizona, Oregon, and Washington (Aug. 14)
  • Georgia, Maryland, Washington D.C. and Rhode Island (Aug 16)
  • Open Call Auditions (Aug 17)
  • Alabama, Arkansas, and Kansas (Aug 18)
  • Idaho, New Mexico and Utah (Aug. 20)
  • Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Texas (Aug 22)
  • Michigan, Tennessee, and Virginia (Aug 24)
  • Open Call Auditions (Aug 25)
  • Iowa, Mississippi, and Oklahoma (Aug 26)
  • Illinois, Indiana, and Minnesota (Aug 28)
  • Connecticut, New Jersey and New York (Aug 30)
  • Colorado, Montana, Nevada, and Wyoming (Sep 1)
  • Maine, South Carolina and West Virginia (Sep 3)
  • Alaska, California, and Hawaii (Sep 5)
  • Kentucky, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania (Sep 7)

What is the release date of American Idol Season 19?

Till now there has been no official release date for the new season of American Idol. As the auditions are starting this month we can expect the show to be on air by next February or March. Let’s enjoy the auditions as of now and wait for the makers to announce the date officially!

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